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Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of inadequacy? No matter what you do, this feeling, and the self-criticisms that come with it feel impossible to shake? Maybe you find yourself worrying about the future, doubting your capability to cope with whatever life is about to throw at you next. Perhaps you can even see repetitive behaviours that keep you stuck, but you can't find a way to change these ingrained habits. The degree to which these things effect everyone lies on a continuum. Some struggle with low self-esteem, others depression and anxiety, and trauma can lead to severe changes in many of these areas.

Fortunately, change  is possible. My approach to counselling helps you identify the negative beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck using CBT. I also use IFS to help foster and build self-compassion, allowing the pains of your past and present to reduce their hold on you. Together, this creates space for you to move towards the life you truly desire.
It is important to me that when we meet, you feel like you're talking not just to a therapist, but to a genuine human. I bring my authentic self in to my interactions with you, along with my therapeutic expertise. Through my therapeutic interventions, I can help you access your resilience within. Considering checking out my website for more information on my approach and specializations to see if we would be a good fit. 

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