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Danielle Swimm is a licensed professional counselor who has a background in providing therapy for teens and adults suffering from eating disorders, anxiety, addiction, depression, binge eating and insomnia.
She has a passion for helping people heal their relationship with food and their body. She provides a compassionate non-judgmental space where people are able to process the difficulties they have been experiencing and find hope in their healing. She uses the framework of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders, which is an evidenced based practice and helps individuals find relief from obsessing about food and their bodies. Therapy often involves learning about the symptoms clients are experiencing, coping skills to use to alleviate symptoms and developing healthy insights as to why they turn to these behaviors. 
Therapy consists of 50 minute sessions, and often involves tracking mood and eating patterns in between sessions using the Recovery Road app. This often helps accelerate clients progress in therapy. The end goals of treatment are for clients to find relief from their symptoms, have tools they can turn to and use in the future when stress increases and have a better understanding of the mind-body connection in their relationship with food.

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