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  • 3417 Fremont Ave N, Ste 314, Seattle, Washington, 98103
  • Phone: 206-858-0300
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  • Session Fees: My regular fee is 120.00 per 50-minute sessions. I can offer a sliding scale to help compensate if I do not carry your insurance or if you are dealing with financial hardship.
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I'm delighted you are here. I hope the following helps you clarify what you are looking for and how I may be of help to you.
What may be happening...
Difficult present or past experiences and relationships can keep you anxious, frustrated, confused, depressed, overwhelmed, bored, or stuck in these and other self-defeating patterns. These issues - whatever they are - can make a peaceful and meaningful relationship with yourself, with your life, and with others, seem out of reach. They can keep you from uncovering and developing your potentials and from pursuing your goals. They can keep you from feeling fully alive, or even keep you from wanting to live. Whatever it is, whatever form your difficulty is taking, it is disrupting your life and you are no longer willing to ignore it.
What you need to know...
It is human to get stuck and to struggle; it is also human to need someone to help you "get to the bottom of things" and find a way through as you explore your thoughts, fears, painful experiences, hopes and desires without being shamed or made to feel that you are "too much" or "not enough." Not only is this need and desire for help human, the recognition of it and the move to address things is a sign of honesty and strength. You want to get real with yourself. You want to understand what's happening.  You want to become more self- and others-aware, to come to grips with your difficult reality and move toward the potential of your life. This is psychotherapy; it is for you and you are worth it.
What you may want to know about me...
I am a Washington-licensed mental health therapist with five years of training culminating in a Master of Counseling Psychology. I am in my third year of private practice. Prior to my psychotherapy training I taught and counseled in secondary schools for thirteen years and served as chaplain for seven of those. I have also been facilitator and speaker for personal growth seminars during those years. Having grown up, studied, lived, and worked in various countries and cultures overseas, I have a keen awareness and sensitivity to multicultural dynamics and the often painful, unjust experience of being "unseen" and disregarded by the dominant, privileged culture. This aspect has brought depth and greater openness in my work with clients. It is also important to me to continue to grow my understanding of my practice with my clients through continued education, training and professional consultation.
I love the work of psychotherapy. It was during my years of teaching that I discovered my love of one-on-one counseling with students and adults. My years of mental health training deepened my appreciation for the benefits offered by psychotherapy, and have equipped me to practice with empathy and skill. Witnessing the changes in my clients who stay the course through our work together is unquestionably worth it.
What you can expect...
I offer a confidential, caring and supporting presence - I believe these qualities are key to defining the space you need to feel free to bring whoever you are and whatever you are grappling with. These qualities also define me at my personal and psychotherapeutic core. In our work together, my role is to be with you, listen to you, hear you and uncover with you the often hidden thoughts and feelings that affect your experience of yourself and others. I will help you to not just become aware of them and to understand them more fully, but also to work through them so that you can experience the change you want. This process is not always easy; in fact, sometimes it is painful and perplexing. I will attend to your cues about what you need both in and outside of sessions, and together we will pace our work so that it feels right to who you are and where you find yourself along the way.
I believe...
From my personal and professional experience, I have found that, over time, the relationship I have with you, the process of working through whatever it is you need help with, and the insights we come to, can bring refreshing clarity, significant growth, life meaning, and lasting change.

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