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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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  • Session Fees: $200 Per Session/$225 Credit Card Paypal - (45 Minutes) - ONLINE ONLY - Extended Time Appointments Upon Request - FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Phone or IM Writing - Pre-Session Payments - Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp. Client Handles Insurance
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I look forward to meeting in the next days and to discussing as well asworking through what you may be confronting and dealing with. 

My professional training was earned at the University of Southern California, USC.  I earned my Doctorate or Ph,D. in Counseling Psychology and Existential Philosophy.  My practical training was gained at the USC School of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Medical Center in the Department of Brain Injuries/Spinal Cord Injuries and in the Department of Oncology.  I also worked for a number of years at the Beverly Hills Mental Health Center, the Maple Center and I spent three years working as a Counseling Psychologist for the Beverly Hills School System. 
I have been a licensed Individual, Relationship, Marriage and Family Therapist for the past 33 years. For the past 10 years, I transitioned from "In-Person" Counseling to working completely ONLINE and fully appreciating and enjoying OnLine Counseling.
Over the past decades, I have worked with over 10,000 cases and there is long list of client endorsements that you can review.
I have a genuine interest in people and in helping people live their best in this difficult and challenging world.  Improving and supporting emotional health is very important to me and that is what serves as my daily motivation to  performing and serving in this uplifting and inspiring profession.  

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