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  • Registered Social Worker (RSW), Certified Canadian Addictions Counsellor (CCAF)
  • 9869 Tecumseh Rd. E. & Forest Glade Dr. , Windsor, Ontario, N8Y 3E1
  • Phone: 226-344-3647
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When you are having difficulties in life it can seem over whelming to approach anyone for help. Sometimes you might feel that you will be judged or deemed unsuccessful in today’s fast paced society where any problem can be seen as a sign of weakness. It is not in fact a sign of weakness but strength. The troubles we face in life can show us astronomical amounts about our true selves and I want to be there to guide you on this journey of self-discovery and rehabilitation.

Over the years I have gained several degrees in various fields. From a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work to a Caregivers Diploma that specializes in Addiction. However it’s one thing to attend school and learn about these facets of human behaviour. It is another to experience it firsthand. As I was going through my own personal struggle I realized I was given a chance to assist those who were going through a similar situation. The reason I was different from everyone else was I had been where my clients are right now. I can speak to them in a language they understand. Prior to becoming a Social Worker I worked as a Realtor helping families find their dream home to create their own memories and stories. Throughout my life I’ve always worked in some form of the customer service industry, helping people has always been something that gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

When a client comes to me for help I let them know that the journey they are embarking upon will take time and at certain points it won’t be easy. However when we put in the work together this voyage can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. This will not only help you in the present but in the future as you go forth to shape and cultivate the life that you want to live as a person and as a part of the community. As a Registered Social Worker I want to help improve your views on yourself. The struggles you are facing can be daunting but they are not impossible to overcome. Together I know we can find a way that works for you as an individual.

When I am not in the office I want to spend as much time with my wife and two wonderful children as I can. I come from a very family orientated background and believe that being able to spend time out in the world can be just as therapeutic for the therapist as well as the client. On many occasions you can find me out in nature taking photos, riding my bike or partaking in a relaxing camping trip.

To everyone who is reading this both colleague and client I hope that we can get the chance to work hand in hand to create a more positive and understanding community for everyone.


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