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Would you like to improve your sense of well-being, clarity, and purpose, so you can achieve your goals in life?
Through our work together, I help you uncover your innate well-being and clarity, through authentic dialogue and exploration. My lifetime of disciplines including meditation, psychotherapy practice, and Tai Chi Chuan, allows me to create a deeply authentic and dynamic connection with you, so you can start to achieve your goals and experience a better life.
If you are willing to collaborate and make the effort, you can accomplish this growth in well-being and fulfillment through psychotherapy. I also offer coaching for those whose priority is reaching defined goals that require the right strategy and specific skills to achieve.
The approach I use is to simultaneously expand awareness of one's own deep processes (insight) together with finding effective, empowered ways to express insight in daily life (energy). As a result of expanding your insight and connecting to your innate energy, you can:
  • reduce stress due to better self-knowledge and expression in daily life
  • improve harmony of mind and body
  • gain the joyfulness and the focus needed to reach your goals

These improvements in life quality apply to individuals, couples, and families as well as to leaders and organizations.
I have been practicing and sharing healing and energy practices using multiple modalities since 1971, including: Zen meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, and coaching and psychotherapy, all based on ancient, proven principles as well as the most current understanding of human nature and potential for growth.

In addition to the above, for those focused on success in the workplace, I offer my own history of first working for and then providing consulting services to companies and organizations with sizes ranging from one person to Fortune 500; I ran my own successful business consulting company for many years.

Combining all my experiences in life, I am happy to offer therapy and coaching for greater success in reaching your goals.
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Executive and Organizational Therapy and Coaching

Individual Psychotherapy includes help with anxiety / stress, burnout, purpose, and relationships.
Couples Counseling focuses on deepening communication and ability to hear each other. The principles of NVC (non-violent communication) shows each person in a couple how to express what they want and need while strengthening rather than weakening intimacy with the other member of the couple, and how to hear the unexpressed wants and needs of the other so as to have a more empathic and effective response.
Executive and Organizational Therapy and Coaching helps leaders and their organizations understand the roots of their blocks to well-being and success, including specific decision making in an organizational setting. Along with effective business strategies, I help decision makers and team members have a clearer vision, better collaboration and authentic connection with team members, and alignment of goals for more engagement and enjoyment of being part of the organization.

Develop and enjoy your own clear insight and energy to make the most of each day!
Here are some of the principles behind well-being and success, which apply in all aspects of life but are expressed in different ways, depending on the environment.
Individuals and Couples
Your self-created insight and energy, through guidance and dialogue with an experienced therapist, are a solution for a leading a better life. Through this work we help you uncover your innate insight and energy, a wonderful resource that each of us has but which few of us use to their full capability.
Daily life makes many requirements on every human being. These requirements include regulating your inner state to avoid the excesses of burnout, loss of motivation, or painful anxiety and stress. Daily life also requires finding meaningful expression of oneself in all activities, in loving relationships and friendships, as well as in your work. In some cases, better listening skills are needed; in other cases, more assertiveness is needed.
Find out more well-being, better relationships, and more success in life.
Leaders / Entrepreneurs and Organizations
Leadership success and entrepreneurial success require not only understanding of the typical internal and environmental methods that make organizations (from one to one thousand people) successful, but also require self-awareness and the ability to communicate in all your interactions from a personal position of vision, authenticity, connection, and energy.
Communicating one's vision and living that reality moment by moment and day by day, requires good self-awareness, compassion and empathy, and skill in communicating.
Find out how to bring vision and success to yourself and to your organization through clear vision, authenticity, skilled communication, and effective strategies.

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