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Hello -

Are you feeling stuck, depressed, anxious or struggling with something and feeling alone?  
So many people are struggling with their own unique challenges.  These challenges can come from outside influences or from deep within yourself.  
Life throws curve balls that keep people from leading the full meaningful lives they were meant to live. 

As a licensed therapist and nationally certified counselor I would love to help you become "unstuck" and help you reach your full potential.
I believe you can get through your current challenges and come out the other side feeling stronger and happier.
As I look back at past clients I see the benefits from their work in therapy:
  • greater self esteem
  • repaired relationships
  • improved work success which can lead to a feeling of stability
  • increased energy and more active life
  • reduced social isolation
  • fewer doctor visits for physical health concerns
  • improved lives and overall contentment in life
  • newfound commitment to nurture themselves and grow
  • unburdening from emotional wounds that have haunted them for years

I'm an empathetic listener and I have a genuine interest in the health and happiness of those I work with.
I would love to work with you.  

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