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About Me
The compassion that I hold for people began as I sought to understand my own struggles. Today, I know that walking through life alone can be challenging, especially when met with adversities along the way. I offer counseling and coaching services to individuals who desire to see themselves advance in life beyond the challenges that seem to constrain them. If you are someone who has been struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles or grief, I want to come along-side you on your journey to a healthy, more functional person.
After I completed military service in the United States Air Force, I went on to obtain graduate degrees in Counseling and Counseling Services and am pursuing professional license. I work with individuals who struggle with various challenges such trauma, low self-esteem, chemical dependence, relationship and marital concerns and more!
If you are looking for a clinician who focuses on what you want, taking a non-directive, client-centered approach to each session contact me today! Coaching & Counseling available!
What to Expect: Answers to Common Questions About Counseling
What are your offices like? Will I be comfortable? Is it private? 
You will enter the office and be greeted by a warm atmosphere complete with beautiful decor and comfort! Because your confidentiality is important, the lobby is separate from counseling offices. Once I greet you and take all required documents, I will escort you back to a beautiful and spacious counseling office where we will begin our session.
What should I expect for the initial session?
During the first session, I typically gather information about you and your life, as well as what brought you in to therapy. These questions will likely center around personal history, current life circumstance, symptoms that might be bothersome to you and any history of treatment or counseling in the past for the problems that brought you in. After data gathering, I like to spend time getting to know you, so I might explore your presenting problem with you and also tell you a bit about myself, affording you ample opportunity to ask questions about the counseling process, my practice, etc. 
All information I gather from you will help me to better understand you and your problem. I believe that diagnosis, while helpful in some cases, often leads to the client feeling dysfunctional or perpetuates thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and diminishes motivation toward change. So, I usually do not diagnose clients unless there is a clear and specific indication that significant mental illness exists, and that diagnosis would not be harmful to the client. In any case, diagnosis will not occur during the first session. 
What is my role?
Some key recommendations I like to make are: 
  • Remember that therapy requires both a competent and compassionate therapist, but also a willing client! Therapy is a joint endeavor of exploration and awareness, and as such it is best if you take an active and committed role in every session.
  • While it takes time to build trust between client and therapist, openness is crucial to the success of the therapeutic relationship. The more open and honest you are as a client, the more effective I can be at guiding you toward a deeper and more meaningful experience. 
  • Invest in therapy: things like asking questions, preparing for session and completing at home assignments (enriching assignments that you might be asked to complete between sessions) thoughtfully can all contribute to how you improve and advance in therapy. A large part of investing in therapy is the fee you pay for therapy, but an equally important way to invest in therapy is through having and maintaining realistic expectations for your progress in therapy. In other words, don't expect quick fixes for issues that have taken years to develop!


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