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My name is Dr. Dean Dorman. I have thirty years experience as a therapist. I hold a doctorate from WMU and I am a fully licensed psychologist. I am also the author of the book "Second Chance At A Great Relationship". My areas of expertise are couples counseling, depression and adult ADHD. In terms of couples counseling, I tend to focus on the level of resentment that is present in the relationship. To this end, I have them complete a "resentment rating scale". This helps us establish the areas where we need to focus our attention.
The second thing my client's do is complete the "barriers to resolving conflicts questionnaire". This helps them to understand the behaviors they engage in that de-rail their arguments. This may mean yelling, rolling their eyes, interrupting or bringing up things from the past. All of these may keep their arguments from being resolved.
My philosophy is that when a critical mass of resentment builds up between a couple, they start to disconnect emotionally and this leads to a cascade of problems ranging from affairs to starting to focus more on their kids, shopping or substance abuse. I would consider myself a cognitive or cognitive behavioral therapist.

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