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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 11440 W Bernardo Ct, Suite 200, San Diego, California, 92127
  • Phone: 858-731-6013
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  • Session Fees: My standard fee is $160 for a 55-minute session. Some individuals and couples benefit from a longer session, and for those I charge $220 for an 85-minute session and $280 for a 115-minute session.

Why I do this 
My passion is to help couples revive their relationships and to assist individuals to work through the challenges that are keeping them from thriving. I work to provide you with a comfortable atmosphere where you can feel safe to address the difficult topics. Please review the information below or on my website, and contact me with any questions you have. I would love to help you decide if I might be the right therapist for you. 

How I do this 
The root of my counseling approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but I also draw from many different approaches in order to provide you with the individualized therapy that you need. I can also incorporate Christian Counseling if you that fits for you. Everyone is unique, so if one approach isn’t right for you, we will try something else. The important thing is that we find the right model to help you accomplish your therapy goals.
Trauma Therapy
Trauma affects most people in one way or another. Whether an individual has experienced a “Big T” trauma, like combat or sexual assault, or a “small t” trauma, such as feeling as if you’ve never been good enough, or anything in between, this can have a pervasive effect on how you react to life on a daily basis. Working to resolve those traumatic memories can help to ease the fight, flight, or freeze reaction those memories can cause, and help you to enjoy a full life again.
Anxiety and Stress Management
If it seems like anxiety and stress are out of control in your life, therapy can help you calm those racing thoughts. I can teach you ways to bring the anxious thoughts under control. You may also benefit from exploring and healing the deeper roots of the anxiety. The combination of approaches often provides the best chance of having peace and calm restored to your life.
Couples Counseling
Does it seem like all you and your partner do any more is argue? Have you been wondering what happened to those loving feelings you used to have? Or do you just want to learn better communication to prevent small problems from becoming big ones? I have a passion for helping couples get back on track, even when it seems like breaking up is the only logical solution. 
Premarital Counseling
The best time to fix problems in the relationship is before they happen. Meeting with a premarital counselor as part of your wedding planning can help you identify and manage potential problems in the future. It can also help you fine tune a good relationship to give you the best chance at many years of wedded bliss.
Additional Training
EMDR Certified
Gottman Method Couples Therapy Levels 1 and 2
Professional Memberships
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – San Diego North County Chapter
EMDR International Association
American Association of Christian Counselors

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