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  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • 600 S. Airport Rd., Longmont, Colorado, 80503
  • Phone: 720-515-3522
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Hello. My name is Dr. Deborah Rutt PhD,LCSW.  I am a psychotherapist steeped in Western and Eastern traditions, meaning I work holistically with clients, drawing from both traditional and alternative approaches to change. I am trained as a clinical social worker in mental health assessment, family therapy and treatment while relying on positive psychology tools like mindfulness, meditation, ThetaHealing® and others to support clients’ health and well-being and resolve many challenges of being being human. My own longtime meditation practice of 30+ years supports me personally and professionally.

Also, I draw from experts on brain science to inform how change in attitudes, beliefs and the messages we tell ourselves can help rewire our brain. I regularly assist clients in identifying their unique strengths, find new perspectives and strategies for practical and profound change --- for mental health, well-being, and to live and love authentically. Please see my website: for more information. (My favorite teachers include: Dan Siegel, Rick Hansen, Katie Byron, Brené Brown, Kristen Neff, Tara Brach, Pemra Chodron and others.)

Typical reasons clients seek help from me:

  • Relationship issues of any nature. With a doctorate in relational communication, clients seek me to help ease their relational stress and find needed resolutions to conflict.

  • Common problems with anxiety, depression, emotional disturbance.

  • Changing unwanted behavior patterns that interfere with life functioning.

  • Secondary mood disturbance related to medical or physical problems like pain, chronic fatigue, cardiac issues, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, etc.

Areas of Experience / Expertise:

  • Relationship with your own Self – Absolutely! Address self-compassion, self-esteem issues, increase self-confidence, discover the power of self- awareness to foster intuition and spiritual growth. Get help letting go of unwanted thought patterns on conscious and subconscious levels that can be obstacles to living your best self. Manifest the dreams you hold dear.

  • Relationships of any kind – Yes!
    Enhance your relationship with people you value most – your intimate partner, co-workers, and friends. I’ve spent most of my career helping people with relationship communication (doctorate in relational communication) and witnessed the power of communication to help people ease, repair and restore their relationship. I’ve had the privilege of seeing people courageously embrace the challenge to live in deeper connection with one another gaining more harmony in ‘we-ness’—amazing experiences I bring to my work with every couple, every relationshiop and whether I see you individually or together.
    I have studied various approaches to couple therapy in-person and online trainings. (I use a variety of approaches support our work. My favorite teachers are Esther Perle, Stan Tatkin PACT, John and Julie Gottman, Sue Johnson EFT, Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Harriet Lerner and others.)

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, Not knowing how blind I was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.

       • Brené Brown Inspired Groups

I am a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF) offering groups based on the researched approach by Brené Brown PhD, LMSW
to help people learn to live courageously, show up in their lives, and risk being ‘seen’.  The benefits are living with greater health, happiness and deeper meaningful connections. Check out my website to learn about current class offerings. or contact me here. If you don’t know why Brené has become such an ICON for courageous change, check out her recent video on Netflix “Call to Courage”.


Where can you find me?

  • Certified therapist in Washington and Colorado States. Telehealth sessions available in both states. Live sessions and groups in Colorado and out-of-state retreats.

  • Daring GreatlyTM online classes based on the researched approach by Brené Brown to live with courage, worthiness, and shame resilience. Live classes in Longmont, CO.

Regardless of how you view your life now, or where you are in your journey to a better future, I offer you the real possibility of creating a more satisfying heart-based life. Please contact me for a free phone or video conference consultation.

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~Start from the heart...the rest will foow~

Dr. Deborah Rutt, PhD LCSW, CDWF
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