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I’m  a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose goal is to guide my clients to solutions for their concerns and conflicts with clarity and compassion.  I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for almost forty years, raised two children and enjoy three grandchildren.  My experience comes from pasturing churches, working in the business world and living the challenges of family life. 

I work very hard to be a communicator of principles that solved problems when understood, embraced and implemented.   My goal is to lose the psychobabble and use language that brings insight and practical application.

For many years I have been pleasantly surprised at the changes that people make through their hard work combined with God’s grace.  My work is to provide guidance.   There is a long list of words to describe the variety of problems that confront us.  There are several principles that provide a way out or through our difficulties.  I look forward to exploring those with you.

I live in Chula Vista where I enjoy my family, church, counseling and landscape photography.

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