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  • Master's Level Certified Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist
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If you are a 50+ high achiever who just can't relax when you aren't "productive",  I'd love to coach you.  So many in our generation believed we could "have it all, do it all & be it all" and we set out to prove it.  Now, it's a few decades down the road, and maybe that high pressure, high demand lifestyle just isn't what you want any more.  We may have proclaimed that we are "type A" personalities and have always felt deep pride and satisfaction with our highly responsible and very demanding lives.  So why, after 50, does it suddenly feel so exhausting and unfulfilling that we start fantasizing about change, any change? 
It's easy to stay stuck in our habits and routines because the prospect of change feels so daunting. We may secretly envy our friends who are downsizing or relocating, starting a business or changing careers or even getting divorced and starting their lives over.  Do we have the courage to reinvent ourselves ? What if we fail at our brand new life ? What if we really don't know what we want or even who we are anymore ?  It can be overwhelming to say the least.   
In my approach to helping, we don't focus on the past. I find the coach approach is actually more helpful at this stage of the game. We start with what IS working in your life and what is no longer working (or perhaps never was).  Then, we get crystal clear on your values and priorities and what areas of your life need some focus and attention. Next, we address the obstacles to moving forward, set goals and create a relationship based on guidance, support and accountability so you can move toward what you want and are excited about.  My philosophy is that life truly begins at 50, so what are you waiting for ? 

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