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Many people have found themselves in the exact place you now find yourself--wondering if they should seek the help of a professional counsellor for personal, marital or family problems. Here are some of their uncomfortable self-reflections:
  •  "Tensions always hover over my relationship with my partner."
  •  "I want to be a better parent."
  •  "I do not look forward to going to work anymore."
  •  "My partner and I keep getting stuck when we try to talk about our problems."
  •  "I want to enjoy being a parent but often do not."
  •  "I want to feel happiness and gratitude for my life and the people in it, but I cannot get there."
Since 2004, I have provided counselling to individuals and couples in and around London. My approach is collaborative, insight-oriented, and goal focused. I provide a safe space in which you will be able to talk freely and work through your problems with a professional trained to listen, ask the right questions, and find solutions that work for you. 

While meeting a therapist in person conforms to our traditional ideas of counselling, Covid-19 has necessitated change. Fortunately, a growing body of research tells us that phone and virtual counselling can in fact be as effective as meeting face to face for the majority of clients. Some key  benefits of online and phone work:
  • It allows us to continue working together even when we cannot meet face to face
  • There is no travel time to appointments. Clients "meet" with me in the comfort and convenience of their own home. 
  • For clients with infants or young children, child care complications and costs are eliminated. Sessions can be scheduled when children are asleep and if an infant or toddler wakes up during a session, they can simply come into the virtual meeting room.  
The secure web platform I use for online/virtual counselling is called NousTalk. NousTalk is PHIPA and PHEDA compliant--that is, compliant with relevant privacy laws for the protection of health information in Ontario. This web platform does not require you to down load any special programs or apps. 
Please take fifteen minutes today to contact me by phone at 519-601-4034 or by email to discuss without charge your counselling needs and explore the possibility of working together. I look forward to hearing from you. Dianne

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