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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Are you overwhelmed by emotional turmoil? Is a relationship causing you pain? Do you feel stuck in anxiety or depression? As an expert in emotional resilience and relational well-being, I help you get in touch with what you deeply want and uncover internal resources that have been buried. I assist you in developing communication skills to navigate the complexities of friendship, family and work. From this place of strength, we create together a safe space in therapy so that even the most difficult experiences and traumatic events can be processed.

In my practice, I offer individual and couples therapy. I use a combination of the best traditions of talk-therapy with body-centered (somatic) psychotherapy. The effectiveness of this combined approach is based on the results of neuroscience, relationship and mindfulness research. This integrative way of working creates a powerful, focused and supportive way of working together with you.

Most of us want to feel safe, seen and understood. And we want to be productive working towards meaningful goals. Whatever gets in our way is often the most difficult to accept about ourselves. Together, with compassion, we will loosen the grip of these obstacles so vibrant vitality and joy prosper in your life.

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About Dietmar:

Licensed psychotherapist with many years of experience - With a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Sonoma State University, I have many years of experience working with psychotherapy clients. I have seen individuals and couples since 2007 and first worked in a mental health setting in 2000. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Trained couples therapist – In addition to my training as psychotherapist, I trained with Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT). Extensive research has shown that EFT strengthens the emotional bond between partners that is fundamental to relationship satisfaction.

Communication and leadership expertise – Since 2005 I have facilitated groups of MBA students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as part of a class called “Interpersonal Dynamics”. I help students increase their self-awareness, emotional resilience and self-management. They develop interpersonal competencies such as effective communication, addressing conflict, and managing diversity.

Specialized training in the treatment of trauma – I have in-depth training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, an integration of traditional psychotherapy and mindfulness-based mind/body therapy. It is one of the most comprehensive and well-respected approaches in the field of trauma treatment.

Experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation – I developed a somatic therapy program for alcohol addiction recovery at Klinikum Spandau in Berlin, Germany.

Grounded in mind/body practices –For my integrative mind/body approach I draw from over 20 years of practice in mindfulness meditation (Vipassana) and somatic practices such as Continuum Movement, Qigong, and Aikido. I provided Zen Shiatsu and integrative bodywork, in private practice and for six years at UCSF Medical Center.

Background in the arts and creativity – I have in-depth experience with unblocking creativity and using the arts for healing and change. I received an MFA in visual arts and photography from FH Bielefeld in Germany. I also taught movement-based theater improvisation for artistic and personal development in Europe and the Bay Area. I am a certified expressive arts practitioner trained at the Tamalpa Institute, a leading program for movement-based expressive arts for therapy, education and social change. I currently serve as chairman on the institute’s board of directors.

Experience working with a diverse clientele – I work with people from a wide range of cultural, racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, including LGBTQ, cross-cultural partnerships, refugees, first- and second-generation immigrants and clients with multi-racial identity.

Fluent in English and German – I am a German native who has lived in the Bay Area for more than 16 years.

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