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  • Licensed Psychologist
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I have committed the 25 years of my career to serving the psychological, emotional and social needs of individuals, couples and families. As a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology, my clinical expertise has focused on the holistic treatment of intimacy disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders and school problems Working with you, I will design an individualized treatment plan that respects your values, culture and lifestyle, and helps you regain balance, meaning and joy. When we come together to improve our relationships with ourselves and others, life gets better.
Feeling alone in a relationship, living with self loathing or betrayal, or feeling the fear of not being able to help your child - these experiences can create overwhelm, frustration and helplessness. I can help you. Together with my experience and your courage, you can begin to feel better, sooner than you think. Please call or email.
 Suffering with a sense of hopelessness, overwhelm or frustration does not have to be part of your day. Reaching out for help if often the most difficult yet life changing action you can take. Pick up the phone or send an email. You would do it for a friend, so do it for yourself because you're worth it too.

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