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Dr. Don Russell and the counselling therapists at Russell Counselling are passionate about helping people get the obstacles out of the way so they can live the flourishing, free lives they were meant to live. Each of the therapists are good listeners, so they'll 'get' what you want to change in your life. Then, they lay out some possible strategies to bring that change to life. Dr. Don  and the counsellors have years of experience both doing counselling therapy. Even more, Dr. Don and some others have years of experience teaching others to do therapy well. They have deep and broad knowledge and experience to bring to the challenges you're facing today.
Maybe even more important, they care. For each of the staff, therapy is what they love to do, because they love to see healing change come about. They also know that gentleness and a little humor along the way can make the hard work seem more doable.
Review the skilled, professional counsellors that work in our two locations and get in touch today!

Shanna Kelly



 Liona Kehler

Shanna Kelly in our Winnipeg office views each client as a unique individual with a story and a context. Shanna has training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She has experience working with depression, anxiety, family and peer relationship issues, stress related to life transitions, and trauma. Shanna has appointments on Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoons and evenings, as well as daytime appointments on Fridays and Saturdays. For more on Shanna check out her website here! Booking an appointment is easy just click here.


Liona Kehler in our Steinbach office will help you create a new story for yourself, encouraging you to find the solutions that lie beyond the problem. To accomplish this creative work, Liona helps you align your body, heart, mind, and spirit to produce holistic, lasting change in your life.

Special interests and expertise: Anxiety, Depression, Grief/loss, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Career Counseling.
Liona is has a sliding scale. To schedule an appointment with Liona, contact her at 204 371 3290 or email her here.


Alana Buller


Alana Buller in our Winnipeg office is an experienced counselling therapist in our Winnipeg office. Alana specializes in trauma recovery, including domestic violence, abuse, and victims of crime. She also works with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem issues, stress management, anger management and conflict resolution.
Alana’s therapeutic approach weaves together Emotion-Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and specialized training in EMDR ( You can make an appointment by calling her at 204-295-6391, or email Alana here.

Dr Don Russell



Dr. Don Russell in Winnipeg and Steinbach is a respected leader in the field of psychotherapy in Canada. Don specializes in treating the emotional and psychological effects of trauma, such as violent crime, workplace injuries and trauma in one's developmental years. He also helps with healing from sexual difficulties in men and women, and coaching couples to improve their satisfaction and enjoyment of their sexual relationship. Don has experience treating chronic stress, chronic pain and helping people reach and maintain healthy weight. Don uses a variety of advanced techniques including EMDR, hypnotherapy, & Emotional Freedom Technique to help clients harness psychological resources to bring meaningful and lasting relief and healing.
You can schedule with Don in Winnipeg or Steinbach  or you can also call our receptionist at 204 746 0280 

Megan Funk


 Jenny Gerbrandt

Megan Funk in our Steinbach offices is particularly passionate about working with children, youth, and young adults; nevertheless, she open to and has experience in working with adults as well. 
Megan will  validate, encourage, empower, and above all help restore balance in your life and well-being by coming along side and journeying with you as you go through some of life’s struggles.  
To book an appointment with Megan,
click here to email Megan.  Megan has a reduced fee due to her continuing education which is payable by cash or cheque only. 



Garry Dyck

Jenny Gerbrandt in our Steinbach office provides a warm and accepting atmosphere where clients can begin working through life’s struggles. This environment, where everyone is welcome to come as they are, is very freeing and helps individuals take the first steps toward change. Jenny believes that we must understand and accept the reality of where we are before we are truly ready to work toward growth.
Jenny has experience working with issues of anxiety, stress, self-esteem, life transitions, self-identity and relationship struggles. She particularly enjoys working with young adults and post-secondary students.

Jenny is accepting new clients Tuesday evenings and Fridays. If you would like to make an appointment with her you can phone her at 204-319-0371, email her here, or click the button to the right to schedule online.



Daina Funk

Garry Dyck in our Steinbach office is also a Counselling Teaching Assistant at Providence Seminary.  He brings 13 years of experience in pastoral ministry and many years of experience in the retail business community. He has experience working with issues of anxiety, depression, anger management, sex addiction, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and grief.  He has experience working with both individuals and couples. He is also available for Skype counselling.

Garry provides a warm, welcoming and safe environment in which to explore problems in living.  He views each person as unique and worthy of respect and dignity.  He draws on a variety of counselling theories including CBT, Attachment, and Emotion based therapies.  Garry is available Monday evenings and Fridays.  For more information here



Doug Reimer

Daina Funk practices in our Steinbach office and specializes in domestic violence and abuse and women's issues. She has an engaging way of making you feel welcome and invited to share more and go deeper. Daina has been a faculty member of Providence Theological Seminary Counselling department where she taught for several years. Call or text today at 204 371 1555 to book an appointment with Daina on Wednesdays or Fridays.


Douglas is a Counselling Therapist in our Steinbach office. He is a graduate of Grace Graduate School in Indiana.  Douglas can help bring relief and healing for people living with anxiety, depression, couples struggling in their relationship. He brings experience working with youth and young adults. To contact Doug for an appointment Tuesdays evenings click here.


Angelle Arinobu

Angelle is a Counselling Therapist working with us in the Steinbach office. She is also a Faculty Lecturer at Providence Seminary in the Dep't. of Counselling. She works with youth and young adults. She has expertise in helping people make transitions in life between different cultures or life stages. She has experience helping people navigate grief and losses and live well with depression and anxiety. Angelle has training in EMDR, an advanced treatment technique to resolve trauma and other distresses. Angelle is accepting new clients on Wednesday evenings.  Call or text Angelle at  204 880 2689 or email here.


Tara Klassen

Tara Klassen in our Steinbach office holds an M.Ed. degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Manitoba, and is certified with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.  Her areas of specialty include finding hope in grief and loss, depression and anxiety, stress management, life transitions, self esteem, disordered eating, spirituality, and relationships.  Tara has a background in Education and works part time as a school counsellor. She has experience working with children, youth and adults.  She has a particular passion for helping women of all ages overcome setbacks and challenges and learning to trust their authentic inner voice and strength. To schedule with Tara Monday evenings or Wednesday afternoons, click here.

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