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  • 200 W. Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida, 33432
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  • Session Fees: RAPID RESOLUTION THERAPY is not only extremely powerful, but also very affordable. Your fee will be based on an hourly rate of $200 USD.
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   I have a lot of experience and that experience has been one of my best teachers. I started at the ground floor and worked my way up. Now I'm at the top of my profession.  And the experience I've had over five decades is available to benefit you.

   I began working with people beginning back in 1965 when I counseled troubled teenagers in Brooklyn, NY. From there I've worked as a elementary school teacher, guidance counselor, school psychologist, university professor, and since 1985 in my private practice of psychology which is now called the Boca Center for Rapid Resolution Therapy. 
   I have been fortunate to have had excellent training, earning degrees from Queens College (BA), Herbert Lehman College (MS), and the University of Rhode Island (PhD). I've sought out leaders in the field to study with in my continuing education training. In 2004 I began training in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) under Dr. Jon Connelly. With continued training over a decade I am now certified as a Master Practitioner of RRT and one of the most experienced in the country.
   When prospective clients contact me and I tell them that most likely the issue you are concerned about will be resolved in just a few sessions I am usually met with disbelief. "How is that possible?", they ask. "I'm skeptical, its hard to believe", they say. Because people have been conditioned to believe that therapeutic change  takes a long time, is hard work, and may not happen at all. That is simply false. The tools of RRT are so effective that the desired changes occur quickly and painlessly for the vast majority of clients. And that is why I can offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with my work. If you are not satisfied after the first session I will not accept payment for the session. Let me clarify. Does feeling satisfied with the first session  mean that everything is totally resolved?  No, not necessarily. But if you can't feel the power of the treatment, if you don't sense that you are on your way, if you don't think its going to work for you after spending 1 1/2 hours with me, I have no desire for you to pay for that. Because its my job to get the job done for you and if I don't or can't, then I should not receive payment. 
   How is RRT able to accomplish transformation of emotions or behavior so rapidly? It does so by adjusting the part of your mind that has been causing the problem - the painful emotions or undesired behavior. The RRT toolbox is chock full of powerful tools that gently adjust how the mind is working. Usually that adjustment is long lasting. That makes RRT extremely cost effective and affordable for almost everyone.
You can learn more about RRT and me by going to my website  Please feel free to call me at 561-395-3033 or email me at to discuss your situation and we can set up a FREE CONSULTATION so you can meet me and find out more, with absolutely no obligation. Thanks. 
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