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Dr. Carol Francis and Associates
  Welcome!  Here are some answers to your many questions about how to select the right therapist for you, your marriage or spouse, your children (young or grown), your family as a whole unit, or someone you care a great deal about.   
  Approaches & Philosophy of Counseling or Psychotherapy
  After 38 years helping people evolve, solve problems, over-come, heal, endure, understand and enjoy life, I recognize that you have your own style of understanding and your own ways of changing.  We match your style, your personality and your goals with the many therapy approaches which are available to you.  The right tools, that match you, help you change so you can embrace an enjoyable and fulfilling life.
  Goals You May Have 
  • Happy, connected, communicative marriage or couple's relationship
  • Intimate and sexually satisfying marriage or couples' relationship 
  • Quality parent-child connections no matter what age you and your children maybe
  • Resolution and solutions helping you with divorce, child-custody or co-parenting 
  • Release from painful anxiety, depression, anger, stress, frustration, bereavement.
  • Freedom from sadness, addictions, trauma reactions and confusions. 
  • New healthy habits to replace addictions such as smoking, over-eating, being extremely self-critical etc. 
  • Excited to find a better way to be all that you are, evolving into all you can conceive yourself to be.   
  • You can see more help to consider at DrCarolFrancis.com too or call 310-543-1824.   

Background and Tools
  For 38 years as Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Hypnotherapist and many other certifications, I have helped adults, couples, children, parents, teachers, employees, and employers.  At Dr. Carol Francis and Associates, we use a great accumulation of well-tested tools which address different issues and different personality styles.      
You want help that will match your style.  You have your own ways of improving, understanding and changing which we can access which will help you move quickly and successfully forward in your life and in your different relationships.    Long-term in-depth therapy, short term issue focused therapy, action/problem-solving or talk oriented therapies are each different and help in different manners.  Hypnotherapies, Gestalt Work, Existential Psychotherapy, Dream Work,  Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, DBT, CBT, EMDR, Intuitive Counseling, Energy Work, Vibrational Work, Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Therapy (etc.)     Yes, there are so many tools available to help people through tough and bewildering or frustrating situations.    Different tools of psychotherapy will help you change in different ways.  Tools best for you will depend on your situation, your personality style, your strengths, and your desires for your future.  No one approach is correct for every person nor every situation.  Working together is a positive, focused experience which aims to help you move forward and be successful and satisfied in all of your life challenges as quickly as possible.    

More Websites and Contacts For Your Consideration
  • DrCarolFrancis.com
  • RelationshipSatisfactionNow.com
  • DrCarolFrancisTalkRadio.com
  • BlogTalkRadio.com/dr-carol-francis
  • YouTube.com/dr carol francis 
  • Phone call away at 310-543-1824
  • Email: drcarolfrancis@gmail.com 


Licenses & Certifications 
  Our training, expertise, and experiences are diverse and solidly acquired which includes the following credentials:  
  •  Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Doctor in Clinical Psychology
  •  Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist 
  •  NLP Practitioner & MLHN Life Coach
  •  Certified Hypnotherapist
  •  Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
  •  Body-Mind Sculpture Practitioner
  •  Certified Nutrition Counselor & Certified Fitness Trainer
  •  Reiki Masters Level
  •  Intuitive Counseling 
  •  Psychological Evaluations and Assessments

     Publications    I have written and been published extensively, with the next book only months away.   Currently, eleven books are available and I have many professional articles, book chapters contributed to scholarly work, and popular articles in newspapers and magazine and of course on-line.   Current books include:
  • If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry (related to Over-Eating, Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating, Age-Related Weight Gain, Nutritional Components of Cravings & Tools for Reseting Cravings)
  • Helping Child Through Divorce 
  • Schizoid Anxiety (The World of Inner Fear and Turmoil)
  • Helping Child Through Manmade and Natural Disasters 
  • Stop Smoking--KISS AWAY CIGARETTES Method
  • Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families
  • Study Skills for High School & College Students
  • Evolving Women's Consciousness:  Dialogues with 21st Century Women
  • Your Soaring Phoenix 

  Media, Radio, and Television
Yes, I have appeared on television and radio shows multiple times and had a television show (2010-2012) interviewing amazingly interesting personalities about their experiences in life and professionals with many helpful tools.   Since 2008, my radio show is the primary media outlet where you can find more helpful information.  It is is available to you on-line at BlogTalkRadio.com/dr-carol-francis.    Also, find out more helpful information about depression, anxiety, public speaking, power of hypnosis, family life, abuse, eating complications, marriage, raising children, coping with helping elder parents, and more on YouTube.com/drcarolfrancis.com.
  Upcoming Classes and Groups  
My calendar information is typically updated on Facebook - Dr. Carol Francis, Enlightened Consciousness, and Carol Francis or Twitter: Dr. Carol Francis  Keynote speaker at International Hypnosis Federation, Keynote Speaker at School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences, Keynote at The Path, Blissful, etc.  

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