Dr. Nona Owens, Ph.D.

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I have over 30 years experience in the practice of psychology.  I have worked in both the public and private sector with both children and adults.  I have extensive experience in diagnosis of learning and mental disorders.  I use these skills to develop treatment plans to help people make effective change in their life.  I have worked as a teacher of special needs children, a psychologist in a mental health center and a juvenile correctional program, and as a family therapist in a treatment program for substance abusers.  I developed and ran an inpatient school for children with emotional and behavior problems. I have worked with the geriatric population in nursing homes.  For fourteen years, I did evaluations to determine intellectual and mental disability for a state agency.  Through the years, I have also worked with adults in crisis due to anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. 

I am a mother and a grandmother.  Life, to me, is good, and I look forward to each new day with joy. I have experienced my own personal challenges, but I believe that God never gives us more than we can handle--sometimes more than we want--but never more than we are capable of dealing with.  I also think that it is not what we have experienced, but how we handle those experiences to move forward that defines our being.  I choose to believe that God allows me to use these life challenges, along with my training as a psychologist, to better understand and help others who are struggling with their own problems in life. 

My personal saying is:  "Wherever we go, there we are". 

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