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I help you open up, be present, and do the things that matter
It’s not that you’re unmotivated to make things better. Maybe you’ve done therapy in the past, or yoga, taken medication or changed our diet, or you’ve explored other paths to personal development. But you’re just not getting enough of what you need on your own, and you sense something else is possible. If that’s what is going on for you, I want you to know that you are not alone. I also want you to know that there is a path to calmness. And it’s closer than you think. Pursuing psychotherapy will allow you to do the work necessary to free yourself. Therapy is a process of learning to relate to your inner life differently and developing skills for your unique psyche, body and soul so that you can begin to understand more fully who you are and what stands in the way of your fulfillment, healing and happiness.
I offer a precious opportunity to have one-on-one care and attention so that you can gain insight and perspective. I work to alleviate the suffering caused by biological vulnerabilities, familial circumstances, life experiences and disorganization due to thought patterns and behaviors. I am passionate about helping people live well despite life's curve balls, pains, conflicts, and health issues. I utilize ACT, which is an empirically supported treatment for many disorders. I am also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and integrated couple and family therapy, all of which can be extremely helpful in supporting concrete changes in your daily life. I also provide comprehensive testing to isolate your core issues to begin working faster. There were many years in my own life when it felt like something inside was gnawing at me. Things just weren’t right, and I couldn’t figure out why. I’ll tell you more about me and my experience as I get to know each other. if you want to stay calm and aware in difficult situations, reduce stress and worry, handle painful feelings and thoughts more effectively, break self-defeating habits, overcome self-doubt, and create a rich and meaningful life, let's talk. Find space here. I help you:
  • Break through long term issues and navigate difficult transitions to improve job, school, and life satisfaction
  • Develop skills necessary for trusting, intimate, and effective relationships
  • Offer a perspective so that you can notice the possibilities in life and achieve goals that have left on the back burner or marred by anxiety, depression or indecision

Academic and Clinical Bio
My clinical and academic background has uniquely prepared me for serving in a complex world. I am an alumnus of Fuller’s American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program and Loma Linda University’s APA-accredited clinical psychology internship. As a visiting project scientist at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and an GRECC Advanced Fellow at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, I developed a pilot study that used Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help families of those with dementia and traumatic brain injuries recover cognitive abilities and improve family functioning. From this pilot study, I found the effectiveness of using family based interventions to improve overall functioning and reduction of medical utilization in those suffering with chronic health conditions. Additionally, I’ve sought out ongoing consultation in evidence based modalities and developed a facility with acceptance and commitment therapy. From these activities, I deeply respect the power of working together as community to live meaningful and healthy lives.  
Currently, I am focused on how to empower individuals suffering with chronic health issues to live healthy, meaningful lives as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Associate Director of Training at Southern California Neurology. My ability and interest in collaborating with patients, medical professionals and staff facilitates effective care and establishes a positive culture, which is essential to psychological consultation. I honed my ability to communicate effectively to patients, teams and providers through working and training in primary care and internal medicine clinics at LLU Medical Center and Riverside County Regional Medical Center. Additionally, I have learned to adapt my approach given the type of referral and needs of the patient that emphasizes the accuracy of report while not overburdening the patient with excessive testing. Through this I’ve learned that empathy, clarity, responsiveness enables access to better patient outcomes by developing positive interagency relationships. I strive to always promote a sense of compassion and empathy to establish a culture of trust that holds in crisis situations as well as in the calmer times.      

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