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Are you frustrated with the way things are going?  Have a feeling that something needs to change in your life but not knowing how exactly to go about making this change?  Confused about what to do or wondering how someone else can possibly understand and help? 

 I am the owner of Katy Psychological Services, PLLC.   I have a small private practice located on Kingsland Blvd., close to the Katy Mills Mall area.  My office has three dedicated professionals ready to help you, including two licensed psychologists, myself and Dr. Carolyn Ha, and our Licensed Professional Counselor, Kelly Chappuis.  Our office has evening availability because we know life's hectic and taking time to care for yourself can be challenging, even when it's needed most!

 We provide individual therapy for emotional disorders from depression and anxiety to providing family support to help with life stressors at home.   For school age children, we regularly assess for learning and developmental concerns such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and autism.  Whether you are coming in for an evaluation or therapy, or not sure which, we will over the options with you.   In therapy, we use our training and what we know from research to develop a customized treatment plan for you.  The most common types of therapy approaches we use are cognitive-behavioral therapy and emotion-focused therapy. We set goals together at a pace that you are comfortable with while also giving you support and encouragement along the way.  When you are ready, call or email us.

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