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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 1310 Valley View Blvd, Altoona, PA 16602, Altoona, Pennsylvania, 16602
  • Phone: 814-599-6229
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  • Session Fees: 75.00 per session

When I first started college I was an Anthropology major and worked as a field Archaeologist.  Later as I moved into becoming a therapist, my background in Anthropology became invaluable. I find that I easily connect with others likely due to being accepting of peoples' experiences and values. I have an unfaltering belief that everyone can engage fully in life when they access their strengths and values.
Originally from Baltimore, I moved to this area 25 years ago and raised both my children in Central Pennsylvania. I enjoy being in an area where I can look outside and see mountains and forests. I currently live with my dog and cat, the cat I rescued from living under a trailer just this past winter. I also have a horse and enjoy horseback riding.  The area I live in has multiple trails and I will often hike or horseback ride.  
I have been providing psychotherapy for the past fifteen years and have been in the Human Service field since 1994 when I worked at a Domestic Violence shelter.  My areas of interest include Family Therapy, Marriage/Couples Counseling, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. I have had six years of training in Family Therapy and Marriage Counseling through the Philadelphia Child Guidance Training Institute. I also have been trained in multiple approaches to PTSD, including EMDR, Cognitive Process Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  For Anxiety and Depression I take a Cognitive Behavioral Approach that works well for most individuals. 
I also have developed a specialty in helping equestrians overcome fears while riding. After a bad fall or ride equestrians can develop anxieties and fears that interfere with their ability to ride and progress.  At times, equestrians will not have experienced an event, but still have fears regarding what could happen. I utilize  CBT techniques and EMDR to reduce anxiety and process any traumatic events that may have happened while riding.  The sessions are generally on site at the stable and with a reliable horse. My experience is that it takes people about 3 to 4 sessions to regain their confidence.
I have worked with many different people from different backgrounds and at times for reasons beyond their control.  These backgrounds and reasons include:
Military personel
Families involved with CYS
Anger Management
PTSD/Trauma (from abuse issues to exposure to war)
Domestic Violence
Parental Counseling
Self Esteem Issues
Sexual Identity Issues
Test Anxiety
Sports Performance
The initial steps for therapy is to develop a trusting relationship so that you can feel comfortable sharing the full extent of your problem. Often people wait one or two sessions to explain everything to a therapist which is understandable. I work with you to feel comfortable to clearly define a problem and base an intervention on your personal needs and strengths.  I work  collaboratively with individuals to do this and evaluate progress on a regular basis.  
One of the most important parts of working with anyone is identifying progress or lack of progress. This lets us know what works and what doesn't work. I do this through the use of assessments and also if you are meeting behavioral goals, such as being able to shop without having panic attacks.  Life isn't therapy and it is important to know when you've reached your goal so that you can fully engage in life without the help of a therapist.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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