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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 625 Panorama Trail, Building 1, Suite 107, Rochester , New York, 14625
  • Phone: 585-484-0638
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  • Session Fees: I am currently not connected to the health insurance network but I can provide documentation for "out of Network" services. Fees: $85 per individual session, $100 per couple or a family. *Note: First couple/family session is $140 and lasts 90 minutes.
  • www.betterrelationship.org



As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained to use a systemic way of thinking. Like the gears inside a clock, all aspects of our lives are interconnected. I believe there is great benefit in understanding how past hurts, fears and insecurities might affect the way we relate to others in the present and make decisions for the future.

No individual or family is immune to hardship. We all go through many transitions in life and whether these are expected or unexpected and traumatic, they can be stressful. And while problems might have complicated causes, their solutions might be simpler than we think. People are very resilient and adaptable and have strengths and vulnerabilities they can learn to use to their benefit.

One benefit you can enjoy from our work together is clarity about what your needs and wants are and the confidence to "go get it". My job is to help you gain insight, explore emotions and identify unhelpful patterns of belief and behavior so you can replace those with ones that work better for you in order to maximize your wellness and satisfaction with yourself and your relationships with your significant others.


            MY SPECIALTY:

           I have a special interest in working with couples. Being in a committed relationship forces you to grow! What is a normal process though can lead to gridlock. Accommodating the needs of another person while trying to maintain one's self intact is no easy task and can lead couples to make all sorts of wrongful conclusions: "we love each other but we are not in love any more", "maybe we are not compatible anymore ", "this is not normal, other couples are not like this", "if we loved each other this shouldn't be so hard". Together we can explore what is keeping your relationship stuck, how to better tolerate anxiety and discomfort, how to rebuilt trust and how to ignite your passion again.


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