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  • Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 2900 Bristol Street Suite C-208, Costa Mesa, California, 92626
  • Phone: 949-444-3899
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  • Session Fees: $140 for a 60 minute session, $200 for a 90 minute session. Sliding fee scale avaliable on a limited basis. Please contact me to inquire.
  • www.growingbrightertherapy.com

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 Anxiety, grief, relationship struggles? Whatever problem weighs on you, you are not alone! I believe in the power of human connection. No problem is bigger than your strength and my support.
Do I need therapy?
Everyone can benefit from therapy. We all have concerns, questions, troubles-difficult or confusing times. Therapy is a unique tool to gain unbiased help and perspective from a person that cares, without implementing their own agenda into your life. Therapy is about you!

Will therapy help me?
Absolutely! I believe in your personal power, strength, and problem solving ability. Therapy is a wonderful tool-- a guide to help harness these assets. It is a privilege to be the guide in our therapeutic relationship.
What kinds of problems can you help me with?
 Storms inevitably hit each of our lives. Sometimes we face a light drizzle that darkens our days, makes us dreary, and brings us down; other times we feel the force of a hurricane that makes landfall directly on our shores, leaving behind desolation and emptiness.
Let us find the light in the storm together. Whether today is the day you commit to navigate the obstacles in your most important relationships, or today is the day you begin to swim against the current of grief and loss even as you fear it may sweep you away, or today is the day you face the mirror and struggle to re-claim your self-esteem, or today is the day you tell anxiety, "You control my life no longer!" Whatever the case, I will be with you, offering a guiding light through the darkness. Wherever your path may lead, I feel honored to travel with you on your personal journey through both dark and bright times. 

What is therapy like with me?
  •  I will NOT JUDGE you
  •  I will RESPECT and HONOR your thoughts, feelings and opinions unconditionally.
  •  I will not tell you what to do. I believe YOU are the EXPERT on your own life
  •  I will be a facilitator of GROWTH and CHANGE. I will guide you as you explore what you VALUE--and how to approach your life to respect those values.
  •  Therapy is all about YOU. I will be open, honest, genuine and sincere in our therapeutic  relationship; still, therapy is about YOUR journey.

As your therapist, I provide a safe space for us to explore solutions to life challenges...together. I utilize strengths-based, mindfulness, narrative, and collaborative methods to assist you in weathering the storms of your life on your way to a brighter day. I specialize and hold certifications in mindfulness for anxiety, substance recovery, LGBT affirmative therapy, women's issues, and pet grief and loss. Do not suffer one more day, today is the day!


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