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I have some very good news for you. Having difficult feelings—sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, guilt, shame—does not mean you will feel this way forever. What this does mean is that you might be uncertain about how to manage these emotions in a less painful way.

I am so sorry you are struggling and I want to support you in feeling better. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or are just stuck in a life transition, I can help. Every person's experience is different & I approach each session with genuine interest, openness, & empathy for your particular situation. We will work together to identify unhelpful patterns & beliefs so that you can release emotional pain.

Recognizing the source of emotional pain and addressing it head on can lead to amazing changes in your life. I encourage my clients to let go of self-criticism and judgment and to recognize that their beliefs, emotions, and behaviors all developed as a way to cope with life. Many of our coping skills continue to be effective throughout our lives, however sometimes we need to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

I will teach you new ways to cope which will support healthy and mindful living. You will take back the power from your emotions and thoughts. You will learn to create healthy boundaries, express yourself, appreciate yourself, and most importantly understand yourself. Other people will notice the changes in you. Most of all, you will notice.

I use an eclectic approach which brings together practices from various evidence based therapies, including: cognitive behavioral therapy, systems theory, emotion focused therapy, mindfulness based therapy, and narrative therapy.

I have seen people get through some really difficult experiences and still find fulfillment, joy, and happiness in their lives because of their ability to make change. I am amazed everyday by what people have experienced and overcome. I think most people are pretty great and more interesting than they know.

You can schedule with me online by visiting my website or by visiting here.  

My Style:

I believe that you receive the most benefit when we collaborate. I'll encourage you to express yourself, understand your emotions & behaviors, & develop new methods to cope with & thrive in your life. You're an active participant in therapy & we will work together to come up with goals for change.

I am very interactive, offering e-mail check ins between sessions and assigning you "homework" (don't worry it isn't Trigonometry!) so you get the most benefit from your therapy experience.

I have seen people get through incredibly difficult situations and I believe that you will too. Everyone I work with is more amazing and more interesting than they know.



Self Esteem
Relationship Issues: Infidelity, Financial Issues, Conflict, Betrayal, Sexual Issues, Premarital, Divorce/Heartbreak, Co-parenting, intimacy building, etc. I offer marathon couples therapy for especially difficult issues. Read more here. 
Stress Management
Anger Management
Grief and Trauma

I was trained as a Couples and Family Therapist (MFT) at Thomas Jefferson University & The Council for Relationships and I am a member of The AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists). I am also Level 3 trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and am one of the few members listed on their Therapist Finder site. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a research proved method of couples work which creates lasting change and attachment. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

While living in New Orleans, LA, I was trained in and used a number of grief and trauma models with children and adults. These models include Grief and Trauma Intervention (GTI), Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS), and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), as well as crisis management models Prepare 1 and 2.   

I completed my undergraduate work at Temple University and offer a student discount to Temple students.
I have worked with children, teens, and adults in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Salvador, Brazil and I have learned that while we are all unique the common thread that binds us is our resilience as human beings.   

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