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Dr. Ellen is a Registered Social Worker.  She has a Ph.D. from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, additionally a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master’s in Theological Studies in Pastoral Counselling. She is a Professional Certified Parent Coach, certified through the Parent Coach Institute at Seattle Pacific University. She has held positions as Individual, Couple and Family Counsellor, Lay-Minister, and Clinical Director/Owner of Oxford Learning Centre. Dr. Ellen has worked with children and families for 25 years.  

Ellen’s doctoral research explored how therapy can offer girls tools of thriving – to build an identity resilient enough to cope fully in this disordered world. 


Drawing on experience and expertise, as well as client’s wisdom, I help individuals, children and families move from simply surviving life’s challenges to thriving. This approach moves beyond problem-solving and behaviour change to effect a deeper shift in personal awareness, well-being and growth.  We work together to Thrive for Change (wwwthriveforchange.com).

My approach is positive, affirming and reassuring. I work “shoulder to shoulder” helping make simple but profound changes which will result in:

Building healthy relationships

Finding resilient change to sticky problems

Moving into a place of deeper understanding

Feeling a greater level of well-being and connection to life


When children are struggling with worries, sadness, issues created by divorce, bullying, or even learning challenges, the greatest help we can offer is to listen deeply and teach them skills to will build their core sense of self and ability to cope.  The greatest gift we can give is to help children build resilience.  My approach develops emotional resilience in kids and teens that will stay with them for life including narrative practices, mindfulness training and practices of cognitive behaviour therapy (for kids!)

·         Personal Counselling Conversations
·         Self Esteem 

·         Mindfulness Training and Relaxation Techniques, Gratitude Journal
·         Emotional Cycle: training in how to deal with strong emotions
·         Social Thinking
·         Executive Function – Brain in the Game


Dr. Ellen lives in the village of Dundas, Ontario with her husband, Steve, her son Logan (McMaster University) and daughter Andrea (McMaster University). If she did not love working with families so much, she would travel to India to see the Taj Mahal, read 100 books, kayak on Lake Muskoka, and spend winters in any place warm.

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