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Do you have a history of maladaptive or dysfunctional relationships?
-Is your current relationship in trouble?
-Do you feel overwhelmed or inadequate as a parent?
-Are you struggling with addiction or other self harm behavior?
-Do you feel your perception and interpretation of events around you hold you back?

Dr. Ellen Israel, Ph.D., LP, is committed to helping with these and other life challenges by providing support within a compassionate, collaborative, relationally-focused environment.


Dr. Israel’s path to becoming a Psychologist is an unusual one. She began her career as an Economist working for the U.S. Department of Treasury. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an MBA in International Business from American University. After 10 successful years in this profession, Dr. Israel decided to pursue a more personally meaningful career in psychology and helping others. She earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, both from Rutgers University. She has worked with young children and their families for the last decade and is a licensed psychologist in the State of New Jersey.


Individual Counseling
Marriage and Family
Emotional and Psychological Abuse
Child Development and Attachment


Dr. Israel is a Clinical Psychologist and is Endorsed in the State of New Jersey as a Infant Mental Health Clinical Mentor. She specializes in the treatment of:

-Manifestations of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Adulthood (including addiction, depression, and social anxiety)
-Infant and Toddler Socio-emotional Health and Attachment
-Parent Child Psychotherapy
-Child Development; Evaluation and Assessment

During the course of her studies, Dr. Israel became interested in early childhood psycho-social development and the manifestation of unaddressed childhood trauma and adversity. She devotes a significant portion of her practice to individuals and families experiencing (directly or indirectly) manifestations of adverse childhood experiences helping to circumvent further difficulties and intergenerational perpetuation.

Dr. Israel also works regularly with children with developmental delay and special needs helping parents and educators in creating and providing an optimal social and educational environment.


Dr. Israel believes that healing occurs within the context of a relationship in which the client experiences trust, positive regard, non-judgement, safety and hope. Many presenting problems stem from hurt and trauma occurring within early significant relationships. Often the originating circumstances are not addressed and manifest in problematic, non-adaptive functioning. Dr. Israel’s approach involves step-by-step healing within a supportive relationship; a long term but often life changing process.

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