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  • Integrative Coaching for Emotionally Gifted and Highly Sensitive People
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Specialties include but are not limited to:
Spiritually Integrated Life/ Career Counseling
Coaching for Highly Sensitive People
Shamanic Healing
Therapeutic Touch

Find out if you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) if you meet at least 6 of these
traits. The following are common characteristics of highly sensitive people:

*Very aware and affected by noise,
sight, sound, taste, touch or smell.

*Must have a quiet corner to recharge
when feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

*Are very creative.

*Deeply concerned about the condition of the earth.

*Care greatly about the suffering of
other living beings.

*Have a strong sense of right and wrong
and work tirelessly to bring about justice.

*Are very conscientious, hard working,
organized and meticulous.

*Become uncomfortable and less efficient
or productive when being watched or scrutinized.Enjoy simplicity and may become
overwhelmed by chaos, clutter, or stress. Get a sense of comfort and well being
when close to nature.

*Have a deep, rich, inner life, are very
spiritual, and have vivid dreams.

*Are very intuitive and can usually
sense if something is wrong.

*Have frequently been told "you are
too sensitive or take things too personally."
Were considered quiet, introverted,
timid, or shy as a child.

How you will benefit from working with Dr. Zarrabian

As a Highly Sensitive person myself, I have come to recognize that we live in a
culture where sensitivity and being gifted are not well understood nor
respected. For me, as it may be the case for many of you, it has always been a
challenge to go out into the world to work and socialize. Although we are
equipped with a wonderful gift, it is often difficult to bring it out into a
world that does not readily recognize its value. As a result, I have worked
hard at creating a practice that is specific to the needs of highly sensitive and gifted individuals.    

Some of the other benefits of working with Dr. Zarrabian include:

Learning more about the needs of being sensitive and gifted.Gaining better tools to work and communicate more effectively with individuals who not highly sensitive Building buffers or becoming more resilient when dealing with stressful people or situations.  Finding relationships that are more fulfilling, long lasting and loving.Finding a meaningful career with a higher purpose and mission.

How Highly Sensitive people benefit from Transpersonal Healing Practices

Transpersonal healing incorporates Spiritual, Mystical and Shamanic experiences in its frame work. If you are interested in exploring or talking about difficulty in
relationships, work or school while incorporating your spiritual practices or
beliefs into your sessions, or are interested in learning about applying spiritual ideals and values into your day to day life, then Transpersonal life and career coaching will be the
right fit for you.

Dr. Zarrabian integrates and weaves her background in psychology, spirituality
and body work to counsel individuals, couples, and families to communicate
better at home, work and school. Her approach with highly sensitive clients
addresses their sensitivities to the environment as well as teaches them long
term productive strategies on how to find a fulfilling life. Once particular
sensitivities are discovered and dealt with, the individual becomes free from
stress and is able to open up to new possibilities in life.

How Highly Sensitive People Benefit From Shamanic Healing Practices

Shamanic healing is a spiritual form of counseling that follows the methods of
Shamanism. Shamanism is an ancient practice of indigenous people for contacting
and utilizing an ordinarily hidden reality to acquire knowledge and healing for
one self and others. Shamanic Counseling is a system developed to help people
solve life problems and become personally empowered. If you are interested
in exploring or talking about a current issue in your life while consulting
ancestral or spiritual guides, dreams, visions, vision quests or inner journeys
then shamanic healing may be the right direction for

How Highly Sensitive People Benefit from Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a form of healing that uses a practice called "laying on of
hands" to correct or balance energy fields. The word "touch" is
misleading because physical touch is generally not involved. Instead, the hands
hover over the body. Therapeutic Touch is based on the theory that the body,
mind, and emotions work together to form a healthy system. According to
Therapeutic Touch, health is an indication of a balanced energy field, and
illness represents imbalance. Studies suggest that Therapeutic Touch can help
to heal wounds, reduce pain, and promote relaxation. If you are suffering from
chronic body pain, digestive problems or migraine headaches and have been to
conventional doctors without finding relief then you may benefit from
Therapeutic Touch.

How Highly Sensitive People Benefit from Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a practice of becoming aware of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions while they are happening in the moment. Sensations, emotions and thoughts
are viewed and examined in detail, from a third party point of view, with no
attempt being made to deny, block, or distract from them. This process allows
the individual to become more familiar with all the mental chatter and to
eventually release them. If you are dealing with stress, negative self talk,
hypertension, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, worry or low
self-esteem, mindfulness meditation can be a very helpful intervention.

Reasons to enter life and career coaching: If you are struggling with your personal life, work or relationships,
or are seeking a deeper more meaningful spiritual practice, then this is a good
time to seek counseling. For an initial consultation please email Dr. Zarrabian
at ellie@centeronpeace.com to set up an appt.

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