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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 1660 Keller Parkway Suite 103, Keller, Texas, 76248
  • Phone: (817)602-1714
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  • Session Fees: $250.00 per session, I work with insurance companies as an out-of-network provider
  • www.elliottconnie.com

Meet Elliot

My services are based in the Solution-Focused Therapy approach, this has many benefits to my clients. The first is that this approach to therapy has been demonstrated through research to achieve desired outcomes in fewer sessions than most traditional approaches; this keeps the financial cost down for my clients as therapeutic goals can be accomplished in just weeks instead of many months. Another benefit is that little time is spent doing lengthy and painful assessments, from the first session we will begin developing strategies and plans that will lead towards a brighter and happier future

My Areas of Specialty Include

·      Couples/Marital Counseling 

·      Adolescent/Teen Issues 

·      Family Counseling

Solution-Focused Therapy 

(SFT) is a revolutionary approach to helping people to identify, create, and live the kind of life they hope for.

What is revolutionary about SFT?

·      Traditional therapies focus on problems and often require years to fully investigate those problems. Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on solutions and achieves results quickly.

·      Traditional therapists often focus on and struggle with client "resistance." Solution-Focused Therapists do not encounter resistance in clients because this approach evokes strengths rather than provoking fear.

·      Traditional therapists try to catch clients in the act of showing their symptoms and pathology through "interventions." Solution-Focused Therapy evokes the client's innate wisdom and intelligence.

·      Traditional therapies focus on what clients have been doing wrong and analyze the client's deficiencies. Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on what clients have been doing right and builds on that for permanent solutions.

Education and Experience

Elliott Connie, MA, LPC holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University. He is also currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. He is a frequent trainer in the Professional Development Program at the University of Texas-Arlington and is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter. Elliott is also the author of “The Art of Solution Focused Therapy”.

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