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  • Counselor, Certified Health Coach, Hypnotherapist
  • 300 Office Park Drive Suite 220, Birmingham, Alabama, 35222
  • Phone: 205-261-1417
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  • www.birmingham-counseling.com
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With 16 years experience in the mental health arena, I have developed a unique outlook and approach focused on holistic wellness. Experiences in private practice, a university setting, a local crisis center, a behavioral health facility, and a community mental health center have shaped my personal and professional worldview. We all experience challenges throughout our lifetime. Sometimes, when our problems or challenges exceed our resources or coping skills, we can experience a crisis, or at least, feel overwhelmed. When this occurs, talking with a professional counselor can prove very helpful. Ultimately, the solutions are often within us. Processing our thoughts and feelings with an objective but empathetic listener can facilitate emotional growth, healing, and help identify appropriate options and solutions.
I have a strong intuitive ability that facilitates good communication and connection with clients. I believe that our physical, mental, and spiritual health are intertwined. While we may identify a challenge in one area, the whole person can be affected. My assessment, interventions, and therapeutic process consider all aspects of the whole person. I am comfortable exploring the holistic experience and have interventions that focus on mind, body, or spiritual growth. In mentioning spiritual matters, I am referring to general spiritual beliefs and practice, not a specific religion. In fact, for some, the spiritual side of self may mean a connection to nature or earth. When requested by a client, we can focus only on one area- the client leads the process, I am simply a facilitator on this journey.
 In the therapeutic process, I believe it is crucial that the client set the tone and pace of therapy. I am serving as one of many resources to clients in my practice and I believe ultimately with support, we can all  access internal and external resources related to improving  mental health and overall life satisfaction.  It is my belief that each of us has incredible strengths and resources within us.  We often are not aware of these, and counseling can help in accessing and utilizing these qualities and strengths.
Experienced in crisis intervention, assessment, and prevention, I am skilled and comfortable working with a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, addiction, depression and bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, OCD, relationship issues, sexuality issues, health concerns, family crisis, work related crisis, and more.

I am also an employee assistance program provider for several programs. EAP sessions are generally focused on short term, solution focused counseling.

For clients considering counseling, and seeking more information, I offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone or in-person. I also offer Wellness packages, allowing clients flexibility and freedom to commit to change, while also allowing convenience and ease of private pay.
 Thank you for taking a moment to review my profile. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment or consultation today.

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