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Who is Ese?

I was born and Raised in Rochester, New York, and for over a decade I have had the joy of being able to work with and help individuals in this area learn how to reduce suffering in their lives and how to create a happier, more fulfilling life overall. I love this city and strive to help fellow Rochesterians as well as new-comers to the area feel good about themselves as well as have an opportunity to build pride for the community that we live in.

I received my initial Masters-level training at SUNY Brockport, completing my degree in Psychology. I was drawn to the field with a great curiosity about why people are the way they are, and how they function the way they do. This led me to want to pursue a career as a psychotherapist, because I knew I wanted to be able to bring my understanding of people, what makes them tick, and what helps them to suffer less, into a life-long vocation. I was able to take additional Masters-level coursework through the Mental Health Counseling programs both at St. John Fisher and at the University of Rochester and thereafter was able to achieve my goal of becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

The well-being, safety, and personal growth of my clients has always been so important to me! I base my practice on the knowledge that every person has value, and that every person has unique strengths that sometimes need to be uncovered for them to be able to move forward toward a more rewarding and satisfying life.

What are the benefits of therapy with Ese? 
Having been through challenging journeys in my own life with the support of my own therapists in the past, I have a strong understanding of your need to feel safe, encouraged, and cared about in your therapy sessions especially when discussing things that can be quite personal. As your therapist, I apply great compassion and understanding help to lay out the best path for you- my client, to be able to walk on your own journey towards healing, and I will remain committed walking right next to you throughout that journey.

Through therapy with me you will build the skills and self-assurance to be able to cope with the challenges that you have struggled with. We will work together to identify the obstacles in your life that have kept you from moving forward and feeling better. You will learn how to tackle those obstacles so that you can not only move forward, but also have the confidence to tackle life's inevitable road bumps in the future, long after therapy has ended. My therapy is designed to help you build a better understanding of both yourself and of others. It is designed to help you improve your mood and coping skills. The therapy I provide has helped my clients to improve their relationships, have greater hope for the future, and gain the confidence to create the life that they want to live! I will be happy to meet with you for a free 25 minute consult to help you determine if we are a right fit together. My hope is that you will connect with me for treatment so that you can begin to discover new strengths within yourself!

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