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About my approach:
I approach therapeutic conversations from the understanding that although problems have a significant impact on our personal, professional, and spiritual lives, they do not define us.  The pressures of the fast paced world contribute to the loss of connection to what we hold dear; our very values that can help us face each day's multifaceted demands. 
Clients often find themselves bogged down by a single storied description of themselves which perpetually falls short of "the person I should be".  The problem saturated story of not measuring up to the status quo is a powerful rhetoric that exists in the greater fabric of our society, having an effect on how we experience ourselves and the quality of our lives.    
I work collaboratively with clients to contextualize problems in a greater landscape, and to expand and enrich their understanding of themselves in order to help them take meaningful action according to and in alignment with their values, thereby moving their lives in a direction they render significant.
How I work: 
Our conversations will be geared towards identifying the problems that are negatively impacting you.  I will ask lots of questions about how, where and when the problems show up in order for us to get a good understanding of their effects on your life.  We will explore overlooked experiences from your past that may clue us into what you  attribute meaning to.  Which relationships had an impact on you?  Who have you had an impact on?  Who do you carry with you?  We will look for values that have been "taken for granted" and yet have informed your actions.  
These conversations are intended to open doors, to enrich, and to shed light on what each person holds dear, and what has carried them through in the face of and despite difficulties.   None of us is a single storied being, and yet often the stories we tell ourselves omit the rich nuances that have been there all along.  Therapy is an opportunity to re-remember, re-tell, and re-enliven our personal narratives.  It's power harkens on the many century old tradition and healing power of story telling.   
- B.A. Art History Ohio State University 
- M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy Phillips Graduate University 
- Supervised by Larry Zucker LCSW
My Experience:
I have worked with individuals, groups, couples, and children in a variety of settings including schools, inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as non-profit community practices. 
My connection to the arts and previous experience in the entertainment industry makes me privy to the specific demands and pressures of that field.  
My personal journey as a refugee makes me empathetic to the trials and tribulations of living in a foreign country, questions of identity, belonging, safety, and home.
- $150/per session
- A sliding scale is possible based on financial considerations
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