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My Approach

I believe that within every person is the resiliency and strength to overcome life's challenges. We often lose sight of that strength as we find ourselves addicted, out of touch, and in pain. I want to help you make sense of your story and discover how to free yourself from the stress and pain that is stopping you from being you. As we develop self-compassion for ourselves, increase self-awareness, and implement simple but effective skills, we begin to see movement and growth.

How I Work

You'll find the support, compassion, and skills that you need to begin to thrive. We will start our work together by first, understanding what you want to accomplish with therapy and what is preventing you from doing that. By cultivating an environment of security and peace, we can begin to help you safely heal and move towards being yourself and recognizing your skills and strengths. As you learn to better understand yourself and implement new skills, you will begin to tackle life in new ways that are congruent with your unique identity and values. My success comes when you feel empowered to be yourself and truly create a life that you consider worth living.
I am passionate about my work because I believe that we all have the capacity to excel and find joy in the journey of our lives, but that we can’t take that journey alone. Everything that I implement into my work comes from seeing the benefits of therapy in both the life of my clients and my own personal life. With degrees in both psychology and social work, I have been exposed to a wide variety of skill, interventions, and modalities, and I utilize all of them to custom-fit each session to provide you with the tools and skills you need to succeed.
I encourage all of my clients to begin with an initial phone call (801-380-3087) to see if I will be the right fit for them. I believe that our relationship will be paramount in the work we do together and that I have the skills and knowledge to help.

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