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My unique background in Medicine lets me educate clients on the mind and body connection and how stress can affect your general health and well-being. I work to create a treatment plan that is based on your needs and preferences. This helps you make an informed decision and promotes your autonomy and rate of compliance and progress. I have spent over ten years working in various settings such as the Hospital, Psychiatric Clinic and Distress Center to give me the confidence and ability to work with various clients and presenting concerns.
Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or hopeless? You may know where you want to go or perhaps you just know you don’t want to be at this current place and simply want a change. Asking for help can be intimidating and I want to applaud you for coming this far and being so brave. You deserve to feel empowered, relaxed, with a sense of well-being.
 ‘Sahara’ means support in Hindi and that is what I will do to help you meet your potential. My compassionate and creative style can act as your GPS to navigate you in your journey. You must feel safe and understood so I offer a free in-person consultation to see if I am a good fit. If not, I will try to find you a resource that suits your needs better.

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