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Dr. Cline is a licensed psychologist who lives and works in Southwest Missouri. He is a published author in the field of child development and before becoming psychologist, worked as an individual and family therapist and school counselor. He has a BS in Psychology from Missouri State University and a MS in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas. Dr. Cline attended the University of Nebraska where he obtained his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2009. As part of this training he completed his pre-doctoral internship at the University of Tennessee Student Counseling Services. Upon entering the field he was employed at Neuropsychological associates of Southwest Missouri in Springfield and as the Trauma Psychologist at Will’s Place (Ozark Center- Child Trauma Treatment Center) following the Joplin Tornado in 2011. He now works full time with NASM and continues to consult with an area impaired physician program.
Dr. Cline evaluates children, adolescents, and adults for learning concerns and with legal issues. He treats a variety of problems including anxiety, depression, and marital issues. Away from the office he enjoys teaching both graduate and undergraduate psychology courses at Missouri State, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, and Ozarks Technical Community College.
Message from Dr. Cline:  Thank you for taking the time to read my page. Your time is valuable and I value it. As a patient, you deserve to have a kind and compassionate psychologist that respects you enough to quickly identify the issue you are having and focuses on treating it. I won't waste your time and money. I'd rather have lots of patients for a little while each than a few patients each for a long time. Lets get busy in growing and getting healthy! --Dr. Cline

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