Gabrielle Annett, MA, LAC, LASAC, CCTP

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  • Licensed Associate Counselor, Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Life Coach
  • 4300 N Miller Rd, Suite 102, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251
  • Phone: 602-410-6651
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  • Session Fees: $150.00
  • Suite 102

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I am a Counselor, Coach, Speaker & Educator specializing in facilitating true change and transformation. Collaborating with you every step of the way, my dedication is to help you heal the root causes and conditions of undesirable emotions and behaviors so you can experience greater happiness, peace and freedom.  Most clients who come to see me have been in therapy before.  While they find it helpful, they often times feel stuck or like they did not make the progress they had hoped.  My goal is to assist you to truly get to the bottom of what is problematic in your life. Whether that is unhappy relationships, eating or drinking too much or dissatisfaction at work, my commitment to you is to uncover the roots of unhappiness and give you tools and support to move forward.
With my blended approach of counseling and coaching, my goal is to give you personalized tools and support to assist you to have a breakthrough. Through counseling, we address any inner blocks which are keeping you stuck in unwanted behaviors and patterns. My approach goes way beyond talk therapy, I utilize tools that create breakthroughs such as EMDR, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, EFT or tapping and more. With these tools we are healing the root causes of unwanted patterns. Through coaching, we identify tangible steps and create accountability for taking action so that you are seeing real differences in your life.
My training and experience as a trauma professional has provided confirmation that healing trauma is a necessary component to long term recovery from substance abuse, eating disorders, love addiction, codependency and other mental health issues.  My approach to healing trauma is to celebrate the individual who has survived. Too often, trauma survivors confuse the effects of trauma with who they are as a person. My passion is to help individuals heal from trauma while discovering their true self, worth, identity and joy in life.
I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and am a Licensed Associate Counselor and Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Life Coach and EMDR trained. I have been helping others for 10 years professionally and consider it an honor to assist people on their journey to wholeness and happiness.   I have worked in various settings including private practice for 10 years.  I have also worked at inpatient treatment centers and intensive outpatient treatment centers.

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