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Meet Ganga:
I was born in India and have lived in England, Holland, United States, Caribbean and Canada. I received my degree in Social Work from Aemstelhorn University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and speak English, Spanish, and Dutch. The Eastern culture, philosophy and spirituality have always fascinated me and for the past 30 years I have studied and participated in programs and seminars dealing with the healing methods of the Far East.
My Approach
 I provide an eclectic style of therapy which allows me to provide a service designed to meet the needs of each client or couple. The nature of my therapy is a holistic approach, recognizing the importance of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life as we work together to resolve your issues. I utilize a number of tried-and-true therapeutic methods from my therapeutic toolbox developed over my last 30 years of practice. For more

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It takes Courage…
It takes courage to seek help for your emotional and psychological issues. To allow someone to enter into your life can be stressful, intimidating and unnerving. In order to begin the process of emotional healing, you need to take the first step and reach out. And when you do, you will be received with an atmosphere of utmost respect and security. The office where you will be seated exudes tranquility and peacefulness. I've been told by clients that they are surprised by how easily they are able to open up and get relief from their emotional pain within their very first session, allowing them to feel safe to connect with their deeper emotions. I always treat each client with respect and honour, as a person who has chosen me to assist them on their personal journey to emotional and spiritual healing.

The ultimate goal for clients is to be at peace with themselves, to have a purpose in life and to live every day to their fullest potential. 
I see couples…
I see couples who are distressed in their relationship. They often feel stuck in a negative cycle and don't see a way out of it. By allowing the partners to speak about their hurt feelings, by understanding their emotions, I can help the couple to see how they got stuck in their negative cycle. It's important for the couple to see the negative cycle. Once they can comprehend the cycle, we can delve into the underlying emotional issues and allow the couple to begin the process of reconnecting with each other.
It is always my goal…
It is always my goal to help clients to achieve their optimum emotional and spiritual growth. My 30 years of holistic practice is dedicated to emotional healing and helping clients to find solutions to their issues. Having
lived in many different countries, I am very familiar with other cultures and nationalities. I have a deep understanding of the Spanish culture, am bi-lingual and offer therapy in Spanish.

My Approaches to Wellness
Psychotherapy: seeks to uncover the underlying causes of difficulties we experience. Over the years, I have seen that the key to resolving problems is to unearth the underlying reasons for repetitive patterns of behaviour. Dissolving old patterns opens exciting new possibilities for peace and balance. 
Holistic Counselling: is a process that recognizes that our needs are complex and so are the forces that drive them. It promotes a delicate balance, which guides body, mind and spirit to function in harmony.
Coaching: is an ongoing process of exploration, encouragement and accountability that helps people achieve and manage their personal and professional goals in a focused and satisfying way.
Focusing: is a profound yet gentle process that can help to coax inner peace from emotional disquiet. For most clients it is an effective therapeutic tool. Focusing enhances communication and listening skills and helps to harmonize your thoughts and feelings.
 All of the above approaches are tailored to the individual needs of the client.
 • Degree in Social Work from Aemstelhorn University in Amsterdam
• Focusing at the Life Space Institute

• Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples by the International Center for Excellence in      Ottawa
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