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   I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a pastoral counselor.   I help persons change thinking, feeling and behaviors that are hurtful.   Using  an integrative approach that combines spiritual and religious resources with teaching clients to understand and change their behavior, I guide clients into new solutions for living well.  This emphasis on religious and spiritual concerns forms the heart of the counseling/psychotherapy work that I do.
     I work with all ages, specializing in work with children, adolescents and their families.  At the heart of this work, I work actively with relationships, aiding persons in developing good, productive and meaningful living in relationships.
     I know how to help clients with a wide variety of problems including depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, anger management, parent-child conflicts and severe psychological problems such as schizophrenia.
An ideal client would be a person who wants help and and is willing to try to work on his/her problems.
     I am a lecturer in psychology at Northwestern University, consultant to ministers, and maintain a private, independent practice of psychotherapy.  
     If you are having problems, please telephone me for a free telephone consultation.

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