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Teaching You to Better Fight Your Issue
When people understand the causation of mental health issues, they have a better chance for change. Education is a substantial part of what I do. If I don't take the time to teach you about the malady, you are solely dependent upon others. My goal is to empower you.

Along with a combination of reality and cognitive behavioral therapy, I integrate education about maladies, so the person is not only being treated but also being educated to better deal with future problems. For instance, a person with a Bipolar Disorder may benefit from knowing they have a chemical imbalance and not a question of character. Knowing why there is a problem can alleviate shame and guilt. 
A person with high levels of anxiety may have a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which is merely a part of their DNA--an inherited genetic tendency that can be treated with a combination of medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and education about the disorder.
 Most depression has roots in anxiety. Anxiety truly is the enemy of peace. Much of the strife between people is caused by anxiety, which breeds frustration, anger, then depression. Through learning about the true issue, people can be illuminated as to the why and what of the issue and work toward positive outcomes.
Who Are We?
Hartford Counseling is affiliated with Life-Span Family Services of Brookfield and Milwaukee and Dr. Thomas Lehmann, one of the best Psychologist in the state. We have an alliance with a Nurse Practitioner who is also a Psychologist. He can meet people, often, sooner than a Psychiatrist can, given the heavy workload on area Psychiatrists, today. 
Our practice is based upon our Christian beliefs. Although we do not address this with non-believers, we do try and live by the words of Christ, in order to help people find the peace they need. We allow our example and our education to help people, regardless of belief systems.
My Background and Education
I am a graduate of Liberty University with two MA degrees and am mostly through a Doctorate Program with Grand Canyon University. One of my Liberty MA's is for Management & Leadership. I have many years of experience in business and own a local business in the financial services area.
I opened Hartford Counseling due to the tremendous need in our area, as Washington, Waukesha & Dodge County face the challenge of a growing drug addiction problem and more families in the area are trying to help the foster care crisis by accepting children into their homes. Mental health issues are on the rise. Let me help you learn about what's troubling you, so we, as a team, can take on the challenges they present. 
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