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Gary Stittgen Jr is a Licensed Master of Social Worker (LMSW) and has an unmatched passion for mental health. He completed undergraduate programs at Loyola University of Chicago to earn him a B.S. in Psychology and B.S. in Applied Statistics. With a long term goal to do research into preventative measures for mental health concerns he continued his education at Fordham University earning his Masters of Social Work (MSW) with a 4.0 in order to do gain clinical experience. He has found his time engaging with clients and patients fulfilling and valuable that he has decided to pursue it full time.
Gary believes that the value of communication, towards others and oneself, is the single most helpful tool towards fixing identified problems and then thriving. Gary calls his therapy practice Real Talk; on account that he aims to connect, build empathy, and engage in meaningful and pertinent conversations with his clients.
Gary has experience with a wide range of mental health issues due to his work experience., education, and personal history. He has engaged in services in a Inpatient Hospitals, Community Based Mental Health Providers, Medical Hospitals, and a Substance Abuse Provider. Gary skill set allows him to work with disorders of personality, mood, anxiety, behavioral, trauma, stress, and impulse. Gary's Real Talk is created around a the cognitive behavioral Therapy model, an evidence based practice. The understanding of how behavioral, thoughts, emotions, impact each other in a specific situation or under circumstances is critical in allowing ourselves to heal and thrive. Gary has worked with adults, teenagers, and children. He has worked with them in groups, individual sessions, and pairs. Gary is a faith based clinician, incorporate the client's spiritual beliefs and values.
Besides aiming to reach client's goals, Gary aims to obtain his Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He wants to one day open his own official private practice. After this occurs, he will enter a doctorate program for psychology and a masters program for applied statistics. Obtaining these two degrees will allow him to do his own research completely, and potentially pull participants from other clinicians in his practice.

On the personal side, He is a certified yoga teacher, dancer to all music but enjoys EDM the most, enjoys playing Texas Hold’Em, and is a blog writer. You can read his blog on his website -
Gary Stittgen Jr, MSW, LMSW is supervised by Erica Taylor LCSW-S, Anna Leason, LCSW, and Katrina Landry, MA, LPC.

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