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I support you to become empowered to heal yourself. I work from an Attachment Theory perspective, which means that I believe our early relationships with our caregivers have a great effect on our later relationships in life, and on the way we view the world.
Many of my clients say that their goals are to learn how to have or find healthy relationships. I believe that we only know what we know. When we grow up in families with unpredictability, chaos, emotional manipulation, abuse, neglect, and instability that is what we seek. We learn that is what love feels like, but also it is what is familiar to us. We try to search for something different, for something healthy. But, we are unsuccessful because we are still operating from those unconscious, wired in patterns. That is what I support with. I support with untangling those patterns and learning new, healthier ones. 
Through consciously examining these patterns, and shifting them you can have the healthier relationships you deserve. This includes the one with yourself. 
We are all trying our best, and there is no reason to feel shame about our past, our patterns, or our inability to change without outside support. These patterns were wired into our brain relationally, and it takes a new kind of therapeutic relational experience to change them.  
I work with people who feel disempowered in their relationships. Those who are highly empathetic, intuitive, and find themselves often trying (unsuccessfully) to use their gifts to heal others because they have not healed themselves and discovered how to set boundaries for themselves. I support these people to become empowered. I support you to find your voice.
I have extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and toxic relationships. I completed Domestic Violence Counselor Training before I started graduate school, and went on to work at Sojourn (A shelter for women and children) for 3 years. During grad school, I focused much of my interest on helping women recovering from toxic, violent, or abusive relationships. I say toxic/unhealthy relationships because there is a spectrum and not all unhealthy relationships are abusive or violent. I work with everyone on the spectrum to get to an even healthier place. And, my healing capabilities are not confined to romantic partnerships. I often work with mothers and their teenage daughters to improve their relationships as well. Yes, as you have probably noticed women are included heavily in my practice. I am a bit of a feminist in that I aim to support women in finding their empowerment. But, I also aim to support all subjugated people in finding empowerment. I work often with the LGBT population, and am a part of that community myself. 
I believe in using all sides of the brain for healing, so I incorporate art therapy, talk, holistic methods, and education on brain science on a very accessible level.  We need to process with both the left and right sides of our brain for whole integration. Integration is what is missing when we have a stress response to trauma.

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