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George is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He earned masters degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy (St. Mary's University) and Family Social Science (University of Minnesota).  George has acquired distinctive experience working with individuals and couples struggling with relationship concerns.  Through the use of current tools and research, he's found success in helping clients create the relationships they want by overcoming barriers to growth and intimacy.
a holistic approach
As a proponent of holistic healthcare, George is dedicated to helping individuals and couples achieve their goals by incorporating broader contexts of health and wellness into the therapy process (e.g., exercise, diet). His therapy practice is founded on the understanding that loving, meaningful interpersonal relationships lead to happier, healthier living.  George's passion as a private practitioner lies in helping clients build stronger connections with themselves and others, and exploring ways in which they may live their lives with greater creativity, connection, and meaning. 
Whether working with individuals or couples, George draws upon a wide range of clinical perspectives. He integrates the most well-researched methods in the field, tailoring them to each client's unique circumstances and concerns. Throughout the therapy process, George works collaboratively with his clients to develop each member's therapeutic goals, and collects ongoing feedback to ensure those goals are being reached. His approach is strengths-based, relationship focused, and facilitative of each client’s innate tendency toward healing and growth.
my work with individuals
My work with individual clients generally begins by exploring the connections they have with those around them. I base my approach on the assumption that we all share an inherent longing for meaning and relatedness, and that by engaging in genuine relationship, personal challenges become more understandable, manageable, and possible to overcome.
My therapeutic experience is diverse. I work with specific issues (e.g., depression/anxiety, job dissatisfaction, divorce/uncoupling, grief and loss), as well as more general ones (e.g., difficulty creating and maintaining intimate partnerships/friendships, unclear life dreams and goals). I base the success of therapy solely upon clients' internal experience of progress in meeting their personal goals for therapy.
The foundation of my work begins with authentic relationship based on mutual respect, care, and trust. My first objective as a therapist is to create a safe, supportive environment in which healing exchanges may take place. Over the course of therapy, I strive to facilitate healing and growth, deepen ones core relationships with self and others, and increase clients' sense of self-empowerment and personal freedom. 
my work with couples
As a marriage and family therapist, one of my primary concerns is helping couples overcome relationship distress. I specialize in dealing with disagreement and conflict surrounding issues such as sex, finances, parenting, in-laws, and incompatible life dreams and goals. Much of my couples work involves helping members cultivate greater relational self-awareness, as well as identifying and transforming repetitive, maladaptive communication patterns. The cornerstone of my work with couples, however, lies in helping members build stronger connection with each other. Much of the scholarly research that has been conducted in recent years has focused upon and revealed the underlying characteristics of healthy, intimate partnership. Because of this, I place particular emphasis on helping couples learn and develop the communication and relationship skills necessary in creating meaningful, long-term intimacy. Interestingly, relationship breakdown and marital separation are more frequently due to a gradual loss of intimacy over time than intense and perpetual conflict. Establishing life-long connection, therefore, is a commitment that must be conscientiously honored and attended to. With time and effort, even the most distanced couples may be reunited in love.
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Please feel free to contact me with questions you have about how I may help you with your specific situation and concerns.  Finding a therapist that you like and can relate with is extremely important.  (In fact, research indicates that it's one of the strongest indicators of whether or not therapy will be successful).  For this reason, I offer free, one-hour consultations (either over the phone or in-person).  Consultations such as these are one of the best ways of finding the mental health professional that's right for you.
 "The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness."  -Maharishi

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