Germaine Watts, BBA, MIR, PFS Cert.

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  • Certified Pathfinder Career System Consultant
  • 2403 ROUTE 845, BAYSWATER, New Brunswick, E5S 1M4
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Who I am
I am a qualified Pathfinder Career System Practioner bringing you:
  • 25+ years of experience in both public and private sector Human Resources Development, and
  • 15+ years or experience helping individuals understand their talent and potential using the most sophisticated assessment tool on the market. 

My Philosophy 
I believe that we all possess a deep well of potential that wants to be expressed and that the world needs from us. The better we understand who we are and what we have to offer, the greater our personal sense of empowerment and the greater the likelihood of our creating a meaningful and fulfilling life. My focus is on both satisfaction (what interests you and makes you happy) and success (what you are good at and where that fits in the world of work).
Very often, the first hurdle is understanding our potential and finding out where we best fit in the world. This can be a confusing territory since ideas from parents, friends, teachers and others often lead us astray. Understanding and connecting with your own inner power through an objective process is a critical first step becoming who you truly are. 
The second challenge is selecting educational programs or work opportunities that will turn that potential into demonstrated performance and job satisfaction. This is more than simply choosing what is available that sounds like it fits on the basis of a job title. It involves digging deeper to make sure that the context will support your growth and happiness. An organization's culture and leadership is as important to your happiness as the match between your talents and the demands of the job.
The third step in realizing your potential by maximizing our performance, becoming more effective team members, and continuing to grow as individuals.
My Promise 
Wherever you are on your journey into personal fulfillment, I am here to help you connect with your own inner power and realize your potential. 



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