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  • Registered Psychotherapist [CRPO],Registered Marriage and family Therapist, Certified EMDR
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Bachelor of Social Work degree,  McGill University
Master's of Social Work degree, Carlton University 
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist                                                                                               
I  began my social work career at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario where I worked with inpatient and outpatient adolescents as well as young children with developmental issues and chronic illness. As a result of this experience, my Master’s thesis addressed the issues that families face when they have children with chronic illness.

In the 1980s, I moved to The Ottawa Hospital where my interest in chronic illness continued to grow. I spent many years working with patients who suffered from Kidney disease and, during this period, also developed a keen interest in medical ethics. I delivered several papers and published a number of articles on Advanced Directives as they apply to end-of-life issues. As my expertise in this area grew I was asked to chair the Ottawa Civic Hospital's Clinical Ethics Committee. During a regular work day I spent my time helping clients who suffered from end-stage kidney disease cope with their everyday problems and especially helped them and their families adjust to this very difficult chronic illness. During this period, I developed a keen interest in helping couples develop more secure attachments.

In 1991, I moved to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre where I was asked to develop programs for men and women diagnosed with various types of cancer. After asking clients what they felt they needed most I developed support groups that helped them adjust to the various stages of their illness and to develop coping skills for each stage of the cancer journey. In these groups, among other things, I taught my clients mindfulness meditation and guided imagery as tools to help them cope.

In 2003, I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of how to help individuals and couples resolve the issues that matter to them the most. I left the hospital and entered the three-year Post Masters Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the Argyle Institute of Human Relations in Montreal. After graduation I worked at the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute for five years, receiving extensive training in attachment-based Emotionally Focused Therapy, working primarily with couples.  In 2010, I left the Institute so I could focus more deeply on issues concerning individual personal development. I am currently in private practice.

More recently, I have studied on an advanced level with Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin on HEALING SHAME in clients where SHAME ISSUES are central to their distress. For example, there is always a shame component with traumatic events or when children have suffered abuse and neglect. I have also learned how to recognize SHAME in its less obvious forms and how to help clients over come this very painful, but common emotion.

In regard to helping clients work through their TRAUMA, I have studied on an advanced level how to use EMDR as one tool to help relieve their suffering. I am a Certified EMDR trauma therapist.I also work with Clinical Hypnosis when the client and I agree this would be a useful approach. I often encourage clients to enjoy the benefits of a Mindfulness Meditation Practice to help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation and calmness in a very busy life.

I am the mother of four adult children and eight beautiful grandchildren.

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