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   I have over 9 years of experience as a psychotherapist and am a graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute. I have worked in community mental health since 2008. In this setting, I conducted individual, couples/family therapy and groups in a variety of programs including CalWORKS, Family Links, School Based, Full Service Partnership, Older Adult, Substance Abuse, Infant-Toddler, Therapeutic Preschool and Wellness.
   I am trained in a variety of Evidenced Based Practices including Triple P Parenting, Seeking Safety, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Problem Solving Therapy. I have also have experience working with intimate partner violence in a Domestic Violence Program.
   The act of sharing your story with a non judgmental listener who truly understands and respects you can be extraordinarily healing and powerful.  I am here to help you. My therapy style emphasizes your strengths and natural gifts and I am adept at discovering core issues. As a therapist, I value collaboration in addressing your current stressors, identifying the things you would like to change in your life, and most importantly, fostering insight of how things have come to be. Through our work together, you'll become aware of the things that are interfering with feeling better, which will empower you to use your strengths to make changes while moving forward.
   I have found that people seek counseling for short term solutions, while others are seeking a longer more in depth and transformative experience. In either case, the process can help change occur through better communication with others and through management of feelings and distorted perceptions we might have about ourselves often rooted in past experiences. Because of this, I customize my therapeutic approach to address your specific needs. I integrate meditation/mindfulness in my practice to assist clients in being present and in the moment. It is important to me, as a therapist, to establish an authentic connection with you, in order to promote the trust and comfort required for healing. 
   My work with couples includes difficulties communicating, resolving issues, or navigating family transitions successfully. When I treat couples, I focus on teaching and modeling positive, effective communication and techniques designed to assist in rediscovering happiness or coming to a mutual resolution.
    I invite you to launch a journey of self-exploration with me in a positive, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment in which you will be re-discovering your potential and strength, finding new meaning in life, breaking through the chains and barriers, feeling rejuvenated and recharged. 

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