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Prior to my life with Christ, I was headed in a destructive direction.  My life was consumed by addictions-specifically alcohol, marijuana and sex.  I had no identity apart from this.  I attended college as an animal science/wildlife major, but my main focus was to support my addictions.  This continued to be more apparent the longer I stayed in college, but my response was to ignore the problem and feed the addiction.  I had moved far away from whatever knowledge I had of God because I perceived that living right was the only way to reach Christ and I could not live up to that. 

After seven years in college and enslavement to myself, God began to reveal himself to me in areas of my weakness that I was no longer able to mask over.  He led me to study Scripture and to fellowship with other believers. This began a transformation in my life that I had never imagined.  Within a few months I was miraculously free of the addictions and was discovering a new identity in Christ.  He quickly began to speak to my heart about working with people, and He was patient in walking me through my own struggles in this area.  A year and a half later He called me into counseling specifically and I followed.  This journey has been magnificent and I could not imagine doing anything else. 

I am a licensed professional counselor.  I consider my efforts as a counselor inadequate apart from the grace and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been called into this ministry and I am blessed and humbled to go to work each day and see Christ working in people’s lives in a very intimate way.  I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2004.

I have maintained a private practice since 2007 in Stephenville, TX.  I have worked with both inpatient and outpatient facilities including Adapt of Texas, Counseling Center of Ellis County, Summer Sky Inc., and Christian Counseling Centers of Utah. At these facilities, I worked with severe mental illnesses (anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia), addictions (sexual, drug, alcohol, etc.), duel diagnoses, and also counseled with families of these individuals.  I currently work with individuals, families, and couples in broad range of interpersonal and psychological issues.  I work with the client to seek how God's unconditional love and His indisputable grace through Jesus Christ impacts their personal situation and their everyday life. 

I began counseling in Utah November 2011, just three months after the Lord placed on my heart and my wife’s heart that he was leading us to the Wasatch Valley area.  My special interests include spiritual/faith related issues, depression, anxiety, various addictions (including alcohol, substance and sexual,) dual diagnosis, lack of self-worth and legalism, struggles with anger and/or bitterness, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, and life transition issues. General practice areas include adults and adolescents in individual, couple/marriage, and family counseling.

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, since 2001, and a precious daughter, since 2007.We are looking forward to many more years of life together.  We enjoy the outdoors including hiking, camping, fishing and archery-and we have been adding various winter sports to this list.

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With God's grace, I received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix. I also received a Bachelor's of Science with an emphasis in Psychology from Utah Valley University along with a certificate for substance abuse counseling. I have experience and training in substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, as well as; depression, anxiety and anger management issues. I give clients space and acceptance to allow them to find what it is God has for them, because there is a God in Heaven who reveals mysteries (Daniel 2:28) I believe in the power of the mighty name of Jesus Christ and in the power of prayer. I am interested in understanding my clients better so that they in turn can understand themselves, because we serve a God that is not a God of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). I praise God and thank Him for your life and for the work he has begun doing in it already! He is our Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords, he is bigger than anything you are facing today and His mercies are made new each morning! (Lamentations 3:22-23). Beyond any therapy modality, I trust God, beyond any shadow of any doubt, I trust God, He is King and Lord of my life and I am trusting Him to lead us as we embark on a journey to healing where God Himself will meet us on our own road to Damascus! (Acts 9).  

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I was fortunate enough to be raised by two loving parents that put Jesus Christ first in their lives, and spent a lifetime serving Him.  I excepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at an early age, and followed Christ well into my teenage years. As with many adolescences do, I myself began to drift away from my relationship with Jesus and follow worldly passions which led me down a path of destruction. I soon found myself addicted to chemicals.   At the age of twenty-three I knew my life was going nowhere and decided to join the U.S. Navy.  My intention was that the military would provide enough discipline that I would clean my act up; however, during this time, a sailors thought process was if you work hard, you need to play hard and alcohol became my favorite extracurricular activity.  

At the age of twenty-eight I began hearing God speaking to me, and I soon entered into recovery from alcohol.  While at meetings I would here people speak about a higher power and how this higher power provided strength and a path to recovery. The only higher power that I ever knew was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, and I soon began praying again for the first time in many years. I wish I could say that I quickly turned my life around and began a close walk with God; however, it was a few years later that this happened.  It wasn’t until I endured a divorce that I found myself in a church fully reaching out to the Father.

After about a year in recovery I had volunteered to serve as a Command Drug and Alcohol Advisor, and served in this capacity for over fourteen years while in the military. During that time, I often wondered if this was a path that God had chosen for me, but it was not until after I retired from the military and was working as a substance abuse counselor that God’s calling became clear. I hesitated for a few years before deciding to complete a Bachelor of Science in psychology through the University of Phoenix, and immediately entering in the graduate program for clinical mental health counseling.  I have been in school now for the last 6 years, and currently in the final year which is the process of completing an internship with Grace and Peace Christian Counseling (GPCC).  I am humbled to be serving with Robert Reed at GPCC, since this is exactly the vision that God had laid upon my heart many years ago. 

I have 19 years’ experience working with people that suffer from a variety of addictions, and while working with this population I have encountered numerous people that were dually diagnosed; however, I have never until now been able to provide services for both diagnoses. While providing counseling I encourage the use of prayer, biblical scriptures, and inviting Christ into the process.  In doing this I believe that true healing can happen. 

Since mental health counseling is a new arena for myself I am open to working with all patients that have the desire overcome mental health, behavior health, and spiritual health problems.  I enjoy working with adolescences, adults, and couples.  I believe that therapy is a learning process for both the client and the counselor, and will dedicate myself to each and every person that I work with.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife that dedicates her life to her first love, and that is Jesus Christ. I have 4 wonderful adult children and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy many outdoor activities; such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and surfing when a trip to the beach is convenient.  I am originally from Tennessee, but spent most of my childhood and adult life in San Diego California. I really believe that God has called me to Utah to serve Him in what He has been calling me to do for so long.


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As an eclectic counselor, I use a variety of counseling theories to customize treatments to the individual needs of my clients.  I operate primarily from an existential framework, meaning that I help clients clarify values, weigh options, and empower them to make effective choices.  Individuals always have a choice, even in the hardest of circumstances, and my aim is helping clients use their choices in a way that creates the identity they want for themselves, creates the life they want for themselves, and cultivates the meaning they want for their lives.


I am open to helping clients with any type of problem.  I am especially interested in working with victims of sexual abuse, gay Christians, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, psychosis, substance use, and depression and anxiety.   I also provide couple’s counseling.


All therapy is centered on placing Christ in the center of the client’s problem and facilitating authentic interaction between God and the client.  Jesus said: “apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5, NIV).  Therapy is focused on repairing, restoring, and strengthening the relationship between the client and God; this is facilitated by leaving space open to God for Him to step in and be the one who restores and heals.  All good things come from God (James 1:17) and this includes psychological, emotional, and social healing. 

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