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Hello potential therapy client! You may be wondering: Is therapy for me? Would Greg and I work well together? Can he help me with my problems? Should I call?

First, I recognize it’s scary to seek counseling. The problems you’d like help with are personal, private, and so significant they demand your attention and action. To seek an ally in your struggle, then, isn’t like picking a plumber (though that’s pretty important, sometimes). You don’t want to waste time and energy on bad therapy, or go through the discomfort of reaching for help which fails you, leaving you back where you started, or worse.

I get it, I felt the same way whenever I’ve sought help with personal struggles. I know this decision is important and daunting.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise results. I wish I had a magic wand, but I don’t. Like anything important, therapy is hard work we do together, and it unfolds in surprising directions, at surprising speeds.

Even though I’m not a wizard, I’m happy to report therapy is a kind of magic. Safety, trust, honesty, time, healing, risk, challenge, change, growth, acceptance, vitality, confidence, clarity, and inner peace, these are the simple but extraordinary elements of therapy, both its ingredients and its rewards.

If you engage in the process with courage, openness, and curiosity, you will enjoy the benefits of psychotherapy treatment, a process scientifically shown to benefit patients as reliably (or more) than the most reliable medical treatments (i.e. cardiology, pulmonary medicine, vaccination, et cetera). Furthermore, psychotherapy is as effective as medication for mental illness, with fewer side effects, and longer-lasting benefits.

At the same time, do you know there are more than 100 professionally recognized psychotherapy treatments? How do you know you’re getting the right treatment for you? In all honesty, there are more treatments than any one therapist can learn, and I can’t be an expert in them all. The good news is, research strongly suggests selection of treatment is minimally important to determining your progress, they all work well! What effects the success or failure of treatment more significantly is how well you and I work together, and whether we succeed in designing a treatment for you we both believe in strongly. My part of the bargain is to succinctly and persuasively present the evidence for various scientific explanations of your symptoms, and also present treatment options until we find one which resonates with your personality and worldview. Then we get down to work.

You are unique, your symptoms are unique, your approach to change and healing is unique. To accommodate this diversity of clients I see, I need to constantly learn and grow. My work with has been an unparalleled opportunity to immerse myself in the details of dozens of psychotherapy treatments and approaches to mental health. I’ve spent hours learning from the experts in the field doing real therapy, and networking with therapists across the country. Look for my interviews on the site.

My formal training began in 2009, seeking and obtaining my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Walla Walla University. I continue my education and will obtain my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University in early 2018. I’ve spent hundreds of hours under formal supervision to cultivate expert skills in conducting therapy. After my degree and license I’ve continued supervision and deliberate reflection on my practice to continue my growth to be the best therapist I can be. I love this work.

I specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, to help heal your connection and get on each other’s side again.

I specialize in helping men and women struggling with perfectionism, panic, work stress, workaholism, exercise addiction, internet addiction, and disordered eating to disconnect from unsatisfying habits and relationships, reconnect with yourself, and reinvest in rewarding activities and relationships.

I specialize in accompanying you through grief, loss, and transition, from divorce, to retirement, to the death of loved ones. I’ll support your effort to face these difficult realities, integrate them into your life story, and free yourself to turn toward a meaningful and rewarding future.

I specialize in welcoming men into my practice, despite gender socialization which leads men to avoid seeking help. You don’t need to change who you are to benefit from therapy. At the same time, therapy is a safe place to experiment with new ways of being, choosing for yourself which aspects of manhood to celebrate, which ones to modify, and which ones to let go of entirely.

I welcome sexual, racial, gender, and religious minorities into my practice. I seek and have sought specialized training to facilitate a welcoming, safe environment for client’s experiencing discrimination and disadvantage due to one or many intersecting categories of identity we’re socialized to treat differently from the racial and sexual majority: white, heterosexual, male, gender-conforming, neurotypicals. My practice is a safe space to celebrate difference and identity development for them (although no one is truly “normal”), and everyone else.

I’d be delighted to take this journey with you. Please call anytime for a free 10-20 minute consultation where we can discuss how I might be helpful, and how we might work well together.

I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!


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