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  • Pre-licensed Therapist
  • 2121 5th Avenue Suite 214, San Diego, California, 92101
  • Phone: 619-272-6858 ext 713
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  • Session Fees: I provide sliding scale fees averaging between 55 and 125 per session based on annual household income. I do not accept insurance which means increased confidentiality.

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"Living with anxiety and depression is not living. It's barely surviving. As a professional therapist, I provide a safe place where people can let go of fear, and the fear of being fearful. I specialize in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression. I take a holistic approach to therapy, knowing that our challenges are impacted by our surroundings, culture, health, and belief system. Through therapy, I can help you can develop the skills to overcome your past, increase your peace, learn to forgive yourself and others, and reclaim the joy that has been stolen from you."



About Me

My name is Gretchen J. Penner, and I am a professional pre-licensed therapist with the Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma.  I provide a safe-place where you can openly share your deepest pain, your greatest fear and know that you will not be judged.  I will help you discover your strengths to overcome whatever life throws your way.

     Specializing In:

                • Anxiety and Depression
                • Loneliness
                • Stress/Worry
                • Guilt/Shame
                • Low Self-Esteem
                • Lack of Motivation
                • Hopelessness
                • Trauma
                • Panic Attacks
                • Life Transitions
                • Self-Acceptance
                • Self-Compassion
                • Healthy Coping Skills
                • Therapeutic Mindfulness
                • Resiliency 
                • Strengths Perspective
                • Solution Focused Therapy 


I have five years of experience working in the mental health field with diverse populations in a variety of settings.  I have worked as a therapist in schools, outpatient treatment centers, and homeless agencies.  I started my career in mental health working in a domestic violence shelter. It was there that I was inspired to return to school to attain my Master in Social Work. Since then, I went on to be trained in trauma focused therapy, as well as anxiety and depression. I have gained vast experience helping individuals increase healthy coping skills while decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. I use only evidence based practices meaning that it has been scientifically tested to be safe and productive. 



I am registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW67771). As a pre-licesed therapist, I am working under the clinical supervision of Nicole Reich, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC36524) as I obtain the hours needed to be an independent licensed therapist. What that means is you will be provided professional therapy with additional professional input from a licensed therapist, insuring you are receiving the best services possible.  It also means that I am able to offer these services as a discounted rate, making therapy work within your financial means without having to use insurance. 

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