H.C. Fall Willeboordse, LCSW-R

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As a psychotherapist I have worked with adults, young adults and adolescents around issues of depression, anxiety, loss and trauma.

My practice includes those who are at the edge of major life changes and those who feel themselves outside the norm. I work with survivors and children of survivors of trauma, whether inter-familial or war-related, as well as those who find themselves straddling two worlds (cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.).

My experience working with people facing life transitions extends to pre-teens, adolescents and young adults who are dealing with the pressures of school, college, peer groups, sports or specific talents, as well as their identity, and/or issues of anxiety and depression. This is a critical and often misunderstood period in the developmental life of all people. I specialize in providing the support adolescents and young adults need to navigate this critical juncture. I hope to help them face this difficult life period in a way that is safe and makes sense for them. I also work with adolescents and young adults who are dealing with issues around adoption or immigration and the multi-layered identities that sometimes need to be negotiated.

As an athlete and coach myself, I have also found a natural fit in helping athletes, both young and older. I see how people struggle with psychological barriers that keep them from performing at a level they are physically able to. By working with issues that come up in sports-related activities, my patients and I often identify ways in which the same interpersonal and intrapsychic conflicts may be holding them back in other areas in life as well. Athletic endeavors often help to simplify and clarify deeper issues that are difficult to articulate but need to be addressed.

In addition to my graduate degree from NYU, I have advanced training and am a graduate of the psychoanalytic institute, PPSC.

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